Hannah's Boston Wedding DJ Reviews and Testimonials

Beat Train Productions DJ: Hannah Thompson 5

A while back we hired Hannah to DJ a private event. The sound guy didn’t have a clue about how the club’s PA system worked, but thankfully Hannah knew her stuff and got everything hooked up and running smoothly. It was a great night and there were a ton of compliments on the music! I definitely recommend her for any event!

Allen S.
Beat Train Productions DJ: Hannah Thompson 5

We hired Hannah to play a few small festivals during the summer. Her vibe matched exactly what we were looking for and the music she played was on point. She was attentive and personal and very kind. She was flexible and even worked with us out in the middle of the woods, generators running and all! If you really want to wow your guests, Hannah is your girl!

Sarah & John
Beat Train Productions DJ: Hannah Thompson 5

I don’t think I know anyone more passionate about music than Hannah. She is always reaching for the stars and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. And her versatility with different genres of music is incredible!

Dylan T
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