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Beat Train Productions DJ: Dusty Rosata 5

My wife and I chose Dusty for our Wedding Vows Renewal Dance Party. Dusty kept track of our song preferences and kept the discs spinning until we wore ourselves out with Joyful dancing. He was responsive to our requests from the dance floor and made this dance party the most memorable short of our wedding 35 years ago. He seemlessly mixed music from many genres and generations so our guests ages 3 to 90 all danced with gusto

Ian P.
CIC - Cambridge, MA
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Beat Train Productions DJ: Dusty Rosata 5

My wife and I hired Dustin to DJ at our wedding in New Jersey in 2019. He consulted with us ahead of time to get a feel for the type of music and energy we wanted in the room. He was careful to curate the experience we wanted while also taking input from other family members. He expertly navigated the delicate situation of appeasing multiple family members with different input to still deliver the experience we wanted. He delivered a high energy and fun dance party that was accessible to all in attendance while still staying true to our vision. Thank you, Dustin!

Aaron Roy
Beat Train Productions DJ: Dusty Rosata 5

I have collaborated with Dustin in a number of events over the past three years, including retreats and festivals.

Musically, Dustin is uniquely tuned into the energy of the guests and weaves a playlist that inspires everyone to connect with the sounds. He is gifted at elevating the overall mood to such celebratory heights, everyone feels not only connection with the music, but with one another as well.

As a collaborator, Dustin’s experience as a Zen meditation practitioner shines. He embodies calm, confidence, willingness, flexibility, and vision through whatever the situation brings up. Even when co-collaborators brings stress and anxiety to the moment as teams navigate inevitable variables, Dustin remains peaceful and focused on the most optimal outcome.

He is a joy to work with and a master of his craft, with both the ear and vision to curate blissful experiences for large groups of people.

Rachel Goldberg
Beat Train Productions DJ: Dusty Rosata 5

Dustin is a great dude, an awesome DJ and a very spiritual and inspiring person. I worked with him while I was the nightlife manager of Good Life, a mecca for DJ culture in Boston MA. He had a very cool, forward-thinking party called Mirror Shades that was ahead of it’s time for the venue. Over the years I’ve seen Dustin evolve into the person he is today and the most important things I can say about him is he remains consistent in all the creativity and hard work that he puts out into the world. You should hire him as your DJ !

Jeff Gilbride
Beat Train Productions DJ: Dusty Rosata 5

Over the last 3 years, I have had the honor and privilege of co-creating with Dustin Rosata on several different occasions. Our collaborations together have included retreats, workshops, and creative jams. Dustin is a skillful DJ who can tune into the room and deliver music that enhances any experience. I have seen Dustin effortlessly bring people to their feet, grooving to the rhythm of the beat while also creating moments of intimacy for small and large
groups alike. Dustin’s capabilities as a DJ are world-class. He knows how to utilize different genres of music and keeps a pulse on current trends to ensure he is always growing as an artist.

Dustin is also an inherent leader who shows up to each gig as if it were the most important one. His presence shines brightly, and his disciplined approach to life can be felt amongst the crowd. I have witnessed Dustin navigate stressful moments with grace and champion solutions that help to keep the good vibes flowing. Every time we get together, he effortlessly holds the space for everyone to show up as they are. Within moments, a sense of ease, calm, and peace is felt, which then opens us up to play, joy, enthusiasm, and dance.

Christopher Pena
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