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We probably don’t have to tell you that choosing the right DJ can really make or break your wedding experience. But here’s a little secret: The real trick to good vibes, and a packed dance floor is...drumroll...chemistry! Which is why we are all about getting to know you upfront, and setting you up with an experienced and tasteful DJ who is going to totally get your style and vision. Not to mention, be someone who you actually wouldn’t mind adding to your guest list!

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We’ve Got Your Back

As the original boutique DJ company, here are a few ways we elevate entertainment to experience for you…

⭐ Your DJ works with you 1-1 as your music coordination expert, planning pro, guide, and advocate.

⭐ Your DJ will expertly read the crowd, keep a finger on everyone’s pulse, and build up the energy accordingly 

⭐ Your guests will sing, dance, shimmy, shake, smile, laugh, cheer, “ooh and ahh, ”and be up out of their seats all night long.

⭐ You’ll sleep easy knowing you’ve booked the team with the most impeccable track record in the business. (10+ consecutive years “Best of” on The Knot and Weddingwire;’s Hall of Fame Inductee!) 

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Your Antidote to Cheese

We exist as the solution to the old cliches, the old wedding DJ conventions of yesteryear. For example…

⭐ We avoid Chicken Dance, Cotton Eye Joe, and other hoaky gimmicks 

⭐ We avoid embarrassing emcee cliches such as corny jokes or speaking like a wrestling announcer 

⭐ Our bespoke approach is the antidote to formulaic “Cookie Cutter” and “One Size fits all” entertainment



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