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We probably don’t have to tell you that choosing the right DJ can really make or break your wedding experience. But here’s a little secret: The real trick to good vibes, and a packed dance floor is...drumroll...chemistry! Which is why we are all about getting to know you upfront, and setting you up with an experienced and tasteful DJ who is going to totally get your style and vision. Not to mention, be someone who you actually wouldn’t mind adding to your guest list!

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Wedding DJs Who Get You

As the original Boston boutique DJ company, here are a few ways we elevate entertainment to experience for you…

⭐ Your DJ works with you 1-1 as your music coordination expert, planning pro, guide, and advocate.

⭐ Your DJ will expertly read the crowd, keep a finger on everyone’s pulse, and build up the energy accordingly 

⭐ Your guests will sing, dance, shimmy, shake, smile, laugh, cheer, “ooh and ahh, ”and be up out of their seats all night long.

⭐ You’ll sleep easy knowing you’ve booked the team with the most impeccable track record in the business. (10+ consecutive years “Best of” on The Knot and Weddingwire;’s Hall of Fame Inductee!) 

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Professional Wedding DJs, Hold the Cheese

We exist as the solution to the old cliches, the old wedding DJ conventions of yesteryear. For example…

⭐ We avoid Chicken Dance, Cotton Eye Joe, and other hoaky gimmicks 

⭐ We avoid embarrassing emcee cliches such as corny jokes or speaking like a wrestling announcer 

⭐ Our bespoke approach is the antidote to formulaic “Cookie Cutter” and “One Size fits all” entertainment



The Beat Train Wedding Philosophy

Weddings are about more than just food and dancing. They’re about people and families coming together. They’re one of the most unique and personal days in a couple’s lives. So weddings should be a unique and personal experience. That’s something we firmly believe.

As wedding DJs in NYC and the Northeast, we understand the importance of a personalized approach. You wouldn’t want the biggest day of your life to be described as “forgettable.” You also (probably) don’t want the first time you meet your wedding DJ to be on the day of your wedding. Why add the unnecessary stress of meeting a crucial wedding vendor on the big day?

Our wedding philosophy is simple: meet you, learn about what makes your wedding unique, discuss your dream wedding, then work with you to make it a reality. We do that through

⭐ A planning process with the DJ who would be best suited for your event

⭐ A deep dive into your music tastes and the vibe you want for your day so there’s no musical surprises

⭐ Access to your DJ throughout the planning period


What Are You Waiting For?

DJing a wedding in Boston or NYC requires a special touch. How do you make sure your wedding day stands out? We have the answer: book the best.

Beat Train wedding DJs are known across the Northeast for a reason. After thousands of 5-star reviews from real brides and grooms and more than a decade of throwing the best weddings in New York and Boston, we know we’ve got it down to a science. And after we meet to discuss your upcoming wedding, you’ll know it too.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today! We can’t wait to hear all about your amazing upcoming wedding. Together, we can make it perfect.


Beat Train Wedding DJ FAQ

We love DJing weddings in New York, Boston, and everywhere else throughout the Northeast. Experiencing the venues, celebrating with the couples, and crafting the experiences is something you can’t get in any other line of work.

But we couldn’t do what we do without our couples. We’ve worked with some of the best couples in NY, Boston, and the Northeast, too. And a big part of our success comes down to bringing the vision of our couples to life.


What Should I Look For In a Wedding DJ?

There’s no one single quality that makes a good NY wedding DJ. But one of the best signs that you’re dealing with a quality DJ is if it’s about you. You’re the star of your wedding, and your DJ should understand that. It’s their job to make sure you’re getting the day of your dreams with the perfect wedding soundtrack. Do they ask what type of music you like? Are they making an effort to understand your vibe?


What Questions Should I Ask My Wedding DJ?

Some good first questions to ask your wedding DJ are:

How long have you been DJing?

Have you DJed at my venue before?

Do you DJ a lot of weddings? (If they’re primarily a nightlife DJ)

Do you offer a written contract?

Can I hear sample mixes?

If your DJ is unable or unwilling to provide any of the above, it may be time to look for new wedding entertainment!


How Do I Know A Wedding DJ Is Good?

There are a few factors you can look into to determine the quality of your wedding DJ. The first is how well-reviewed they are. Have other couples had a good experience with them? Another important factor is vibe-meshing. When you interact with them, does it feel like they get the vibe you’re going for? And lastly, are they able to play the music you like? Can they provide sample mixes or examples of their work?


Why Beat Train Wedding DJs?

If you’re wondering how a Beat Train wedding typically goes, you can take a look for yourself. Check out any of our thousands of 5-star reviews or take a listen to any of our mixes. Our goal is to create the absolute best weddings in Boston, NYC, or anywhere else. And we want you to have the best wedding planning experience possible. When you go with Beat Train Productions, you’re not just booking music. You’re booking an experience.

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