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Beat Train DJ at Boston Magazine Event

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When you manage a club or produce an event, your number one goal is to build an amazing experience, create a positive buzz, and leave everyone excited to come back. Music is a cosmic uniting force that brings people together, and its the nucleus of the successful experience that you’re creating.

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Music happens to be our passion, and we’re here to channel our passion and expertise into collaborating with you to build amazing nightlife experiences. From mellow happy hours, sleek lounges, to raging club nights; premier clubs and nightlife venues turn to Beat Train for mature drama-free DJ’s who are passionate about delivering results.

“Almost every single guest danced nonstop, despite the party taking place in a venue with no air conditioning during a heatwave.” – Alex (Brooklyn, NY)

Our award-winning Boston, New York, and Philly DJ’s have integrity, talent, sophistication, and are experts at tapping into the pulse of the crowd (aka “reading the crowd”), and greatly value putting the collective experience above their own ego. To find out how our DJ’s can elevate your venue or event, click here to contact us, email, or call us at (347) 855-4290.

My guests kept commenting on how great the music was and how sore they were the next day from the nonstop party. -Ryan (Boston, MA)

Proudly serving Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

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