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Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

Like many couples getting married the past two years, we faced the unfortunate circumstance of rescheduling due to covid. Beat Train worked with us from our initial booking through both a date and venue change.

We had the distinct pleasure of hiring and working with Natalie Weiss as our DJ. She was awesome! Knowledgeable, attentive, and thorough, she helped us work out the kinks in our timeline so everything would go smoothly. She was not only great at keeping the wedding on cue with her announcements, but was phenomenal on the decks. She played the few requests we talked about, but was able to cater to the dance floor throughout the night, keeping the energy going all night!

Vanessa L.
Mountain Lakes House, Princeton, NJ
Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

Beat Train was responsive and easy to work with. We encountered an issue where my original DJ booked in 2020 was no longer available for my June 2022 wedding and Beat Train quickly resolved the issue by offering two different DJ options. I went with DJ Natalie, who I HIGHLY recommend. She went above and beyond. She had two meetings with us to go over our timeline and asked thoughtful questions that actually helped us rethink the flow of the event. She also made important suggestions (e.g., asking guests to stand for the first dance) so that the party and dance-floor would flow better. Multiple friends of mine commented on how great she was both during and after my wedding. She had such a great, positive attitude, which she brought both to the planning and actual event. She also showed up really early to set up and ensure that the event was totally stress-free for myself and my husband. She made the night and we are so lucky we had the opportunity to work with her!!!

Miriam Furst
CV Rich Mansion
Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

Natalie was hands down the most fun DJ I have ever experienced at a wedding. She did a magical job—she was high energy, creative, flexible and made the party come to life. Her infectious personality and wonderful song choices got the entire party going and kept all the guests on the dance floor until the last dance. She also sang a version of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” leading into our ceremony that was incredibly moving and set the tone for the entire day. I would recommend her above and away any other DJ I’ve ever seen.

Francesca Root-Dodson
Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

We booked Natalie for our wedding in Williamsburg back in February through Beat Train and it was one of the best decisions we made. Firstly, the booking process with Jake was so easy and seamless. Natalie was very accommodating and understood exactly the vibe we were going for with very little explanation. We loved her as an MC as well – she was fun and professional.

Susan Cho
Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

Natalie was a total professional with the best attitude! Her positivity and encouragement during our wedding prep was infectious. We worked closely on song lists (both do’s and don’t’s) and collaborated with her on the tone of each part of our wedding. She was able to run audio from our live musicians during the ceremony to her DJ equipment without a moment’s pause. She even made a custom “first dance” mash-up we were dreaming of dancing to. She makes dreams a reality! Not only that, but she even let my teenage cousin (who has social skill handicaps) listen in with her equipment during the dancing part of our wedding. Everything was seamless from our first meeting to the end of the wedding night. She is a ray of sunshine and incredibly prepared.

Sarah Elizabeth Grace
Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

Natalie was the perfect DJ for my Bat Mitzvah!!! She played a mix of my favorite songs and included classic dance music so the entire party was up on the dance floor. She had everyone up out of their seats! Natalie is so much fun and brings her energy and personailtiy to the PARTY! The games we played were so much fun- she knew exactly how to get the party going. We were partying up until the very last minute and Natalie had the crowd fully engaged the entire time! Natlie is the absolute BEST- I would definitely work with her again!!

Ella Yemini (Mitzvah Client)
Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

I met DJ Natalie last summer in Montauk. I was at an event with my son, Luke and he was immediately drawn to her set up on the beach. DJ Natalie was spinning super fun tunes and had a blanket set up with record players, records and head phones. My son was all over it and the second he sat down to test out all of her fun, DJ Natalie came right over to help show him how to spin a record. After spending less than one hour with DJ Natalie, we had connected and I knew we needed to work together. I asked DJ Natalie if she could do private DJ lessons for my kids and since then, my older son took the most interest in this activity and has been spinning and learning to DJ for the past year. From this point on, I hired DJ Natalie to spin for several of my events. Every event is better than the next with her. She plays great music, always perfectly tailored to the guest of honor and crowd. For example, we hired DJ Natalie for an 80’s themed Bar Mitzvah this past April. Natalie spent time getting to know the Bar Mitzvah boy and going through his song request list. She also made sure to come prepared to play games with the kids which is always my favorite part of her set during a party. The kids go nuts for her games giving them a reason to engage in the music. DJ Natalie is patient, warm and incredibly fun and always an absolutely pleasure to work with. I guess it’s pretty obvious, but I adore DJ Natalie and love working with her.

Seri Kertzner (Mitzvah Client)
Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

DJ Natalie and Beat Train team were great to work with. We’ve received a number of compliments after the wedding about how cool DJ Natalie was and how great the music vibe she brought. Super easy to work with, flexible and chill. Thanks so much for making it a great time for all of us. 10/10.

John T.
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Beat Train Productions DJ: Natalie Weiss 5

Beat Train provided excellent customer service and were extremely flexible when we had to push our wedding back due to COVID. DJ Natalie Weiss was phenomenal. She was such an amazing MC and her positive personality is contagious. It was the best dance party I’ve ever been to and she knew exactly what songs to play based on the vibe of the crowd! Would recommend DJ Natalie and Beat Trains to anyone looking for an awesome dj experience from the ceremony through the reception!

Zach D.
American Yacht Club - Rye, NY
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