Natalie, NYC Wedding DJ

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Natalie, NYC Wedding DJ
About Natalie:

Artistic Influences:   Stevie Wonder, Aphex Twin, Beyonce, Flying Lotus

Hometown:   NYC

  • Lowkey Flex: I’ve DJ’ed for Scarlet Johansen, and collaborated with Mark Ronson 🏆🎧
  • My Specialty: LGBTQ Weddings 🏳️‍🌈, Indie-leaning Weddings 👩‍🎤, Mitzvahs ✡️
  • Fun Fact: I have two adorable cockapoos! 🐶
  • Pronouns: She/Her


At long last, after combing through droves of stale mixes, and fist-pumping-could-be-your-uncle DJ websites, the search for your diamond-in-the-rough has finally come to an end. Enter Natalie, Beat Train’s answer to your glamorous and cutting-edge party needs. She is as much a tasteful and elegant innovator as she is a party-starter, who happens to know how to dress to the nines and get sweaty on the dance floor in equal measure.

Natalie brings an infectious exuberance to all stages of an event, including the planning process. She is joyful, reassuring, and razor sharp, and just the person you’re going to want in your corner to help make your musical vision a reality. It is no wonder she has developed a reputation as a top-shelf DJ, booked across the globe. 

When she’s not buzzing between sets at New York Fashion week to MoMA PS1, you might catch Natalie sharing the stage with LCD Soundsystem the Flaming Lips, or Questlove. Her celebrity client list includes Scarlett Johansson, Claire Danes, and Ellen Degeneres, and her commitment to quality entertainment has landed her features by such media outlets as the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, SPIN and beyond.   

And just in case this CV isn’t enough to reel you in, we’ve got one more adorable twist for you: Natalie is also the founder of Baby DJ School, a research-based music program that teaches babies and toddlers how to DJ and explore DJ culture in order to accelerate their cognitive development. 


For more on Natalie, you can check out the videos below:




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