Spencer, Boston Wedding DJ

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Spencer, Boston Wedding DJ
About Spencer:

Artistic Influences:   Gorillaz, Phoenix, Muse, Weezer, Beastie Boys, dance-worthy Mashups and almost everything '90s

Hometown:   Quincy, MA

Spencer Henderson is a seasoned DJ with an broad knowledge of music and over 10 years experience. His journey began while managing (and DJ’ing at) a historic movie theater turned nightclub in New Hampshire, where his aptitude for all things audio and video really had a chance to shine. Spencer eventually settled in Boston where he now holds a monthly DJ residency at Good Life, a small club that’s a haven for savvy music fans who go to see DJ’s with style and charisma. Spencer’s versatility and musical knowledge helps him adapt to the ever changing moods of the dance floor crowd.

Besides being a creative individual with a lust for music, he’s also pragmatic.  He has a B.S. in Finance and Economics from Southern New Hampshire University, a lovely wife, an incredibly cute son, and a strong sense of value for professionalism and communication. Spencer is looking forward to rocking your dance floor.

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