Maliyah, Boston Wedding DJ

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Maliyah, Boston Wedding DJ
About Maliyah:

Artistic Influences:   Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot & Timbaland, Pharrell, Paramore, Evanescence, Ella Fitzgerald

  • Fun Fact – I’m a singer/songwriter and a Licensed Optician!
  • Pronouns: She/Her


Maliyah’s journey in music traces back to the warm landscapes of North Carolina. Raised amidst the rich tones of R&B in her mother’s studio, she was enveloped in a world where music was not just background noise but the very essence of life. This early immersion in the vibrant rhythms of the South sowed the seeds of her love for music, a passion that would flourish into a dynamic DJing career.

Maliyah’s craft transcends traditional boundaries, favoring an open format that weaves together bouncy remixes, captivating afro beats, energetic baile funk, and an R&B fusion that’s as rich and diverse as her southern roots. Her sets are an eclectic mix, brimming with unexpected gems guaranteed to ignite the dance floor. Her keen ability to gauge the crowd and navigate the energy flow of an event truly sets her apart.

With seven years of experience lighting up the Boston scene, DJ Maliyah has become a cherished name, synonymous with versatility and an unmistakable mixing style. Her journey through Boston’s diverse venues—from the deck parties aboard the Spirit of Boston and Sir Winston, to the vibrant nights at The Greatest Bar & Hong Kong, and the pulsating energy of 305 Fitness dance classes—illustrates her adaptability and broad appeal.

Maliyah’s expertise shines across all event types. Whether orchestrating the perfect playlist for weddings, high school proms, baby showers, or any special celebration, her ability to tailor her music to fit the occasion while still infusing her distinctive style is unparalleled. This versatility is a testament to her deep understanding of music’s role in life’s pivotal moments and her commitment to enhancing each one with the perfect soundtrack.

As a Boston wedding DJ, Maliyah brings more than just music to your special day. Her passion, coupled with her extensive experience, ensures that every event is not only a reflection of her client’s desires but also a celebration of her vibrant musical heritage.

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