Jeff Durand, Boston Wedding DJ

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Jeff Durand, Boston Wedding DJ
About Jeff:

Artistic Influences:   House, Hip-hop, Pop, Motown

Hometown:   Providence, RI

  • Lowkey Flex: Official DJ For The Worcester Red Sox! ⚾️
  • My Specialty: Epic Weddings, Nightclub Style Weddings 🎆,  Mitzvahs ✡️, Underground Vibe
  • Fun Fact: I’m a Sopranos super fan, and DJ’ed the Sopranos Convention in 2019! 🎧


Jeff Durand possesses an elusive combination of serious DJ talent, strong character, vast experience, and an unbreakable will to strive for excellence.  Jeff takes great pleasure in working with you to make your celebration a lively, unforgettable party.

A versatile DJ, Jeff seamlessly crosses over between savvy club DJ and a forward-thinking professional mobile DJ. As a club DJ, Jeff has spun at many of the Northeast’s premiere clubs including Pacha (NYC) and Shrine (Foxwoods), developing next level mixing skills and deep musical knowledge.  Jeff has spun at over 250 weddings and has gained a reputation as a DJ with great crowd reading ability, tight mixing skills, as well as exceptional emcee skills.

Jeff, who has a Communications degree from UConn and is a contributing writer to the DJ Times Magazine, takes pride in honoring his clients’ unique vision, and providing hands on music planning filled with insight.  Jeff (based in Providence, RI) is excited for the opportunity to exceed your expectations for your wedding/special event, and prove himself as an unobtrusive master of his craft.

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