Greg, Boston Wedding DJ

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Greg, Boston Wedding DJ
About Greg:

Artistic Influences:   MJ, Beach Boys, Huey Lewis, 90’s

Hometown:   Boston

  • Lowkey Flex: Once DJ’ed a 5,000 person event 🎧
  • My Specialty: Barn/Farm weddings 👨‍🌾, Punk/Alt weddings 👩‍🎤
  • Fun Fact: I play live in the nerd band Lemon Demon! 🤓
  • Pronouns: He/Him


Greg Lanzillotta is not just a Boston wedding DJ; he’s a maestro of memories, dedicated to collaborating with clients to orchestrate celebrations brimming with joy and authenticity. Greg’s prowess in reading a crowd and tailoring musical landscapes to fit your unique tastes comes from a deep-rooted love for music and a seasoned career in the industry.

His journey into the heart of music began with a B.S. in Audio Production, leading him through the exhilarating world of audio engineering. This path wasn’t just about fine-tuning his technical skills; it was about discovering the pulse of live music, touring with renowned bands, and embracing the energy that only live performances can offer.

Over the last decade, Greg has centered his career around DJing, a decision that has seen him become one of the most coveted talents on Beat Train Productions’ esteemed roster. His experience spans hundreds of weddings and an array of events, from vibrant parties to high-profile corporate gatherings. Greg’s signature? A seamless fusion of genres, eras, and moods, tailored to transform any event into an unforgettable experience.

Greg’s musical genius shines brightest when crafting personalized sets. With over a decade of musicianship and composition under his belt, his intuitive grasp of an event’s atmosphere and his clients’ desires allows him to keep the dance floor alive with energy. His library, a treasure trove of cross-genre gems, is his palette; the turntables, his brush.

Away from the DJ booth, Greg’s life is a testament to his diverse interests. A homesteader at heart, he finds joy in the simple pleasures of family life, from the quirky escapades on Adult Swim to precious moments with his wife and daughters. Yet, it’s his role as a Boston wedding DJ that brings together his myriad passions, offering a stage to share his love for music, celebration, and the art of creating joy.

Choosing Greg Lanzillotta means entrusting your special day to a Boston wedding DJ whose expertise goes beyond just playing music—it’s about creating a soundtrack that mirrors the unique tapestry of your love story, ensuring every note resonates with the heartbeats of everyone on the dance floor.

Fore more info on Greg, check out his videos below:

Greg DJing…


Greg MCing…


Greg’s Q&A…

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