Greg, Boston Wedding DJ

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Greg, Boston Wedding DJ
About Greg:

Artistic Influences:   MJ, Beach Boys, Huey Lewis, 90’s

Hometown:   Boston

  • Lowkey Flex: Once DJ’ed a 5,000 person event 🎧
  • My Specialty: Barn/Farm weddings 👨‍🌾, Punk/Alt weddings 👩‍🎤
  • Fun Fact: I play live in the nerd band Lemon Demon! 🤓
  • Pronouns: He/Him


Greg Lanzillotta’s passion is teaming up with his clients, like you, to create inspired, joyous celebrations.  Greg is a seasoned pro at reading the crowd, understanding your musical preferences, and is happy to help out with announcements and emcee’ing too.

Greg is a lifelong music fanatic, which led him to earn a B.S. in Audio Production, and to work professionally as an audio engineer (including touring with countless big name touring bands).  Over the last decade Greg Lanzillotta has made DJ’ing the center of his career.

Greg has become one of the most requested DJs on Beat Train Productions’ highly competitive roster, and has DJ’s hundreds of weddings, as well as countless parties, celebrations, and corporate events.

With over a decade of experience as a musician and composer, Greg possesses a talent for blending the most eclectic and personalized sets effectively. He prides himself in his intuitive ability to sense the general atmosphere and personality of an event, allowing him to select tracks from his extensive genre-crossing library to keep the dance floor packed.

When not rocking out, Greg enjoys homesteading, watching Adult Swim and hanging out with his wife and baby daughters.


Fore more info on Greg, check out his videos below:

Greg DJing…


Greg MCing…


Greg’s Q&A…

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