Frankie, Boston Wedding DJ

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Frankie, Boston Wedding DJ
About Frankie:

Artistic Influences:   New School/Old School Hip-Hop, Rock, House, EDM, Reggae, Jazz


  • Lowkey Flex: In his senior year of high school, Frankie was Japan’s National History Bee Champion. 🐝
  • Fun Fact: I can also play 7 instruments and speak 3 languages! 🎸
  • Pronouns: He/Him


Frankie’s journey in entertainment is as rich and diverse as his music library. From strumming his first guitar chords at the tender age of 6 to becoming the go-to Boston wedding DJ, his path has been marked by relentless passion and dedication. Born into a family where music was as essential as breathing, this Tokyo-born maestro found his calling early. His teenage years saw him spinning tracks in prestigious nightclubs around the globe, from the vibrant scenes of Tokyo’s WOMB Shibuya to the electric energy of Boston’s nightlife.

Now, Frankie boasts an unparalleled collection of over 2000 songs, with millions more just a click away, ready to curate the perfect soundtrack for any Boston wedding or event. His instinct for reading the room, combined with his vast musical knowledge, allows him to seamlessly transition between genres, ensuring the dance floor stays alive. Whether it’s the pulsating beats of EDM, the smooth grooves of R&B, or the timeless appeal of classic rock and reggae, Frankie crafts each set with precision and flair, tailoring his performance to the unique vibe of each gathering.

But Frankie’s talents extend far beyond his DJ booth. As a dynamic MC, he knows how to engage and energize a crowd, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation. His ability to perform live musical sets, blending DJing with instrumental performances, sets him apart and adds an unforgettable touch to any celebration.

Frankie’s commitment to his craft is evident in every performance, driven by a deep love for music and a desire to make every event spectacular. He doesn’t just play music; he creates an immersive experience that resonates with every guest, leaving them with memories that last a lifetime. When you choose Frankie as your Boston wedding DJ, you’re not just getting a playlist; you’re inviting a true artist to elevate your special day.

In the world of wedding entertainment, Frankie stands out for his versatility, charisma, and unwavering commitment to excellence. His mission is clear: to ensure that when you look back on the happiest day of your life, the soundtrack that plays in your mind is as magical and vibrant as the moments you lived.

Check out a some of Frankie’s sets below! You can also see more on his YouTube page HERE.

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