Dusty, Boston Wedding DJ

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Dusty, Boston Wedding DJ
About Dusty:

Artistic Influences:   Pet shop boys, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Prince, Grace Jones, Art of Noise, Phil collins, culture club, Donna Summer, Daft Punk, The Chemical Brothers, Frankie Knuckles, Disco, 80s, New wave, Indie Dance, 90s House

Hometown:   Boston, MA

  • Specialty: Multicultural, LGBTQ+, Indie, Nerdy   
  • Lowkey flex: Won a music producer competition out of thousands of submissions and was then flown out to play at one of Denver’s biggest rooftop venues, Club Vinyl.
  • Pronouns: He/Him


Dusty is a DJ, producer, and sound designer out of Boston. His deep understanding of music, ability to read crowds, and technical know-how make him a top-notch pick in the Beat Train lineup for making something unique yet inclusive.

Style wise Dusty’s known to be masterful at blending current top hits seamlessly into 90s and 80s classics that make you feel like you just dropped into a disco time machine. He has shared the stage with other like-minded Indie acts such as Ok Go, The Knocks, Polo & Pan, Flight Facilities, and Lee Burridge.

Aside from clubs and weddings, Dustin has played everything from festivals to conventions, boats, and alternative events like retreat centers, MIT hackathons, and online dance parties. He’s also recognized internationally as a top music producer, winning first place in the Option 4 producer competition out of thousands, and locally, he’s been nominated for having the best dance night at the Boston Music Awards for his Multicultural Disco event “Grassfed Disco”. Recently, he kicked off Meditative, yoga-type wellness dance events in the Boston area, inspiring healthy living and regenerative action in the local communities.

Dustin is versatile on the mic and happy to add just the right energy to suit your needs throughout the night. Having a specific vibe while making everyone feel included is a delicate art, and Dustin has seemed to master it. Outside of DJing and music production, Dustin practices Zen meditation, surfs, and creates FX and soundtracks for video games.

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