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4 Tips for Creating Your Ultimate Wedding Playlist

Looking to demystify the process of creating the most compelling and authentic playlist for your wedding? Read on! 

Tips for Wedding Playlist

1. The DJ is your Personal Music Planning Concierge

Or at least that’s how we view it. Don’t know where to start? Utilizing an intuitive and experienced DJ is the best possible resource for providing suggestions, clarity, and support. Any top tier DJ will be flexible in letting you be as “hands on” or as “hands off” as you want.

2. Go Beyond the Tradition

Chances are, you’re doing a first dance. Perhaps a parent dance and some other formalities. But you can choose songs for any moment really of the event if you like! One of the most overlooked is the last dance, which is really the grand finale to your whole reception. It’s definitely worth picking something special for that if you feel called to it.

Cassandra and Tony's Three Village Inn Wedding Photos

3. Match Your Wedding Music to the Mood of Your Wedding

What’s the feeling of your wedding that you’re going for?  Elegant? Rustic? High Energy Jubilance? It’s definitely worth considering. When the music is in sync with the other elements of your event, it’s something special. Sound complex? No need to worry, your carefully selected DJ will be happy to coordinate with you to make this happen.

Tips for your Wedding Playlist

4. Create Magical Music Moments

Another thing to consider: What have been some of the highlights of your life, your relationship?  What songs were the soundtrack? Or otherwise what songs match the feeling of those cherished moments?


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