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Secrets to Choosing the Ideal Wedding DJ

Selecting a DJ is one of the most crucial decisions in the wedding planning process; and along with venue and food, one of the most 3 profoundly impactful elements that will “make or break” the reception.

As a point of reference, you could either spend $50,000 on flowers or $500, and it may make little difference in terms of the happiness of your guests and overall success of the reception. The event could still being amazingly successful even with no flowers at all! (Really, we’ve DJ’d amazing vibrant weddings that had no flowers!).

On the other hand, you could spend around $2000 on a Premium DJ or $500 on a sketchy Craigslist DJ and there would be a huge difference in the overall quality of the event; with a cheap DJ putting everything in jeopardy.

So why should one consider investing in a Premium DJ vs a Budget DJ? And what’s actually important for you in making this crucial decision?

New England Outdoor Center wedding

A. Universal Aspects of an Ideal DJ
– Punctuality & Professionalism
– Organization (i.e. if you’re doing a first dance, the DJ must be organized to have the correct song ready)
– Reliable Equipment and Backup Gear
– Able to emcee proficiently and make announcements with finesse
– Dresses professionally
– Team Player
– Professional Communication (responsive, etc)
– Dependable
– Committed to co-creating a winning end result
– Classy, Mature, Responsible

B. Subjective Aspects of an Ideal DJ
– Personal Music Concierge (This means that your DJ is your personal music planner and advocate; a hallmark of Beat Train’s award winning 5-star service)
– DJ has worked at your venue
– DJ has musical tastes that align with your own personal tastes
– DJ is a skilled emcee
– DJ has a unique musical niche
– Style (in terms of attire, presentation, and otherwise)
– Charisma
– Radiance
– Level of Impeccability
– Gender (ie some prefer the feminine touch of a female DJ)
– Feels like a friend and confidante #Kindred Spirits
– Creativity
– Uniqueness, Flavor, Distinctiveness
– Mixing skills and style
– Elegance
– Extensive Track Record

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