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The Essential Guide to Budget VS Premium DJs for your Wedding

Debating between investing in a Premium DJ, but also pondering a Budget-friendly DJ?  Here’s a Free Comparison Sheet to help illuminate the differences in what you’ll be likely receiving as a return on your investment.

Click Here to Download the Free PDF

Click Here to Download the Free PDF

According to, the suggested music allocation is 8-10 % of your your total budget.  So when debating between a Budget vs a Premium DJ to invest in, it is definitely worth considering how much of your wedding budget you’re allocating for your DJ.

Here’s what 8-10% of 3 Different Budgets looks like:

$25,000 Budget

8%: $2000

10% $2500


$50,000 Budget

8%: $4000

10% $5000


$100,000 Budget

8%: $8000

10% $10,000


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