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Finding Your Dream Wedding Venue

You can’t have a wedding without first finding the perfect space to host the event! So, understanding how to pick a wedding venue is one of the most crucial components of planning a wedding. No matter what kind of venue you are after, choosing a wedding venue is an important task that needs to take place before you get very far along in the wedding planning process.


But, before you jump into the process of actually vetting potential wedding venues, you and your fiance need to do some brainstorming and research, looking for potential wedding venues. Online research is a great first step in the search process, but websites should never replace seeing the space in person, as a couple. 


For all things weddings, Instagram is your friend! And, that holds true for the venue search as well! To start, you can try scrolling through locale-specific hashtags like #[yourcity]weddingvenue to see if you can uncover a hidden gem or two in and around the locale where you plan to tie the knot. If something piques your interest, give their account a follow. This will allow you to come back at a later time to more thoroughly research the options you’ve stumbled upon.


In much the same way that word of mouth is a great way to discover beloved must-visit restaurants, lean on friends, both engaged and recently married, for venue suggestions! Keep in mind that while word of mouth opens you up to a barrage of advice, the wedding is ultimately your day as a couple to plan however you see fit, so you need only listen to the input that serves you and your partner.

Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner will be an invaluable resource throughout the wedding planning process, especially as you wade through all those wedding venue ideas early on. As pros, they’ll understand non-negotiables to be on the lookout for, and explain them to you. They’ll also be able to help you see the vision of how your wedding style could come to life in a potential space.

Set A Budget, General Location and Season

Your wedding budget and the location where you hope to tie the knot will greatly affect the wedding venue you ultimately select. Having an understanding of what you can afford and where to focus your search will ensure the process of selecting a wedding venue is as seamless as possible. Additionally, while you don’t need to know your exact wedding date prior to booking a venue, you should have a grasp on the time of year you’d like to tie the knot, as some venues may be closed during certain times of year and could be off the table for your wedding.

Plan Around Your Guest List

Without a clear understanding of your guest count, you won’t be able to select a wedding venue that will be able to effectively accommodate your guest list. Imagine booking a small and intimate space, only for your guest count to balloon to close to 300 people. It’s of utmost importance to decide on the number of guests you plan to invite prior to making a final decision about your wedding venue.

Consider Your Guests’ Experience

From the time your guests arrive until they depart at the end of the night, what will their experience be like? Think about temperature concerns. Think about a venue with easy-to-find bathrooms. Think of the mobility and accessibility needs of your guests. Think of the things that will make being a guest at your wedding a comfortable, enjoyable and seamless experience.

Tour Potential Venues

Site visits, ideally with your wedding planner in tow, are always a good idea. If you book a wedding venue site unseen you may run into surprise(s) later that you would’ve been made aware of had you simply booked a site visit. Also, you might miss out on the venue of your dreams, simply because it doesn’t translate well to online photos.

Read The Reviews

A great way to get a sense for your short list of venues is to see what other couples have to say and how their weddings met, fell short of, or exceeded their expectations.

Trust Your Gut!

Simply put…You will know when you are standing in the space that you want to celebrate the start of this wonderful new life with your person.

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