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The Worst Wedding Advice, And How to Sidestep It!

There is certainly no shortage of wedding planning advice out there, so much so that it can actually be totally overwhelming or cause decision paralysis. And, I know that this article also falls under that umbrella, but one advantage we have is the sheer number of weddings we’re a part of! When we say, “We’ve seen it all!” we really mean, we’ve seen it ALL! 

So with that in mind, here’s some of the worst wedding advice we’ve seen, and the drama that can ensue because of it! 

Every Detail Needs To Be Perfect!

We get it! Your wedding day is a huge deal, and you can literally spend YEARS planning it, but it’s important to remember that it’s only one day in the rest of your lives together! You can spend countless hours agonizing over every single detail, so much so that you can lose all sense of time and deep dive into a Pinterest wedding rabbit hole for months on end, but in the end your wedding day really will whizz by just like any other. Sorry to sound tragic, but it’s true.

So, wedding planning stress is getting to you, it might help to take a step back and remember that it’s just one day! Remind yourself to breathe deeply (frequently), and take it all as it comes. In the end your guests will remember the great time they had, not the chair covers, centerpieces of your wedding manicure.

DIY Is The Way To Go!

The biggest myth or misunderstanding we see with this is that DIY-ing your wedding will save you tons of money! In our experience, this is not necessarily true! After all,  supplies cost money, sometimes more than you’d bargained for. Also, trial and error costs money and oftentimes frustration! And, labor costs you…valuable time, if not also money. So, be sure to thoroughly assess the costs of both hiring a professional vendor or DIY-ing the items on your wedding checklist before you commit one way or the other, and remember, expertise and experience is an intangible factor in the cost of wedding services. That being said, always get quotes from at least 3 (well reviewed and reputable) vendors when assessing the costs of any wedding service in your area. As a final note, know that if you do choose to DIY some of the big items like flowers, or even food (yikes), while you may save money, you’re sacrificing valuable time with all your friends and family, and you might be adding unnecessary frustration to an already high emotional stakes time.

You Can’t Do ______, It’s So Last Season

When we see this advice, it usually originates from some snarky wedding trend list that “boldly” declares that certain wedding trends are “so over”, but you know what? A huge majority of the people attending your wedding aren’t likely to be wedding bloggers or professional wedding industry types, so whatever idea has been deemed “so over” is likely to still be novel to them! So, even if it seems like every couple in your circle is getting married this year, the majority of them don’t actually go to a lot of weddings on an annual basis. And, even if they do, they will most likely be delighted by whatever you decide to do! And, one last point… even if the wedding industry types have declared something “so over”, it’s your day and not theirs! Your opinion matters most!

Save Money By Not Hiring a Photographer!

All we can say is YIKES!! This is a monumentally bad idea! Photography is after all the closest we come to time travel, and your wedding photos will continue to appreciate in emotional value over time! 

Since one of the only things you’ll have after the big day is done are the photos, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to capture your big day! While we know that there are apps and websites that do allow your guests to post all their photos into one convenient web location, are those actually the photos you want to commemorate your special day? Forever? Sounds like wedding Russian roulette to us! You definitely don’t just want a collection of poorly cropped, dimly lit photos to remember your wedding, and you really don’t want all your guests snapping away during your big moments! We believe that it’s one area of your budget that might warrant spending a little more! 

After all, you’ve spent countless hours making sure your wedding is a beautiful reflection of you as a couple, give yourself the gift of a professional wedding photographer!

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