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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Photo Booth

Celebrations can be pricey, so we know the appeal of freeing up space in your party budget!  But, it shouldn’t come at the expense of having a proper photo booth experience at your event! In the big picture, hiring a professional photo booth adds up to only a small part of your budget, but that small outlay will make a HUGE difference at your party! Let us show you why it’s a good idea to hire a professional, and if you’re in the Boston or New York Area, please feel welcome to get in touch with any questions you might have!

The Savings Won’t be Much… Really!

After you go through the work of sourcing or making a backdrop, buying your props, figuring out proper lighting and which camera to use (including remote triggers), your savings will be slim to none. Not to mention all the time you will have invested; meanwhile, a professional photo booth company already has all that equipment and all the necessary supplies on hand. And, not just that, they’ll also have high quality/commercial versions of all of it! Quality is of utmost  importance after all. But, it’s really not just about the gear. Professionals will also have proven experience setting up and using the gear. All of that means that a professional won’t trouble-shoot problems at your event when they could be taking photos of your guests. 

You’d be Lucky If It’s Half As Good!

Not trying to offend, just stating our (very experienced) opinion! People always start their do-it-yourself photo booths with the very best of motives, but find out rather quickly that sourcing all the materials they are going to need is both expensive and time consuming. And if prints are important to you, and quality prints are more important, the printers we use are far more expensive than one booking! With all everything involved, and with everything else you’ll have going that day, your energy is better spent elsewhere! Why go to all that expense to end up with an end result that is so much less satisfying than the real thing? Your money and time is truly better spent hiring a professional company and leaving everything else to them! Trust us!

Printing DIY Photos Is Kinda Complicated!

With a DIY photo booth, you’re unlikely to be able to offer your guests prints to take home, due to the rather complicated process of taking the photos from the camera, and formatting them into an instantly printable format. And, the truth of it, is that people LOVE taking home multiple photo booth prints. For some guests, it’s really all about the prints! Many guests leave with a stack of photo booth prints, enough to cover their entire fridge doors, or tuck into their book as a bookmark! Photo booth prints are quite simply a great take home remembrance of your party, and could be a replacement for more traditional wedding favors!  And, on a closing note, your guests will get a small hit of remembrance everytime they see them!

Mad Props Yo!

In our vast experience, people really LOVE photo booth props! They’re entertaining! They’re colorful! They can act as a great ice-breaker for shyer guests who aren’t used to being the center of attention, and they can also be a fun tool to unleash your guests’ imagination, while also serving to get them into party mode! But, here’s the kicker! Props can also be expensive, especially when you’re building your collection from scratch!  Meanwhile, we’ve already invested the capital in high quality props and signs, of all different kinds and themes no less. If you were to add up the cost of a comparable amount of props, in a comparable quality, that we bring out to our events, it would end up being quite costly! Why go to that expense and trouble? Let us help instead! 

No Added Pressure On Your Big Day!

Weddings include SO many details, and you have enough to think about already! The last thing that should be occupying your time on your big day is setting-up and running the photo booth. We also don’t think it should be the responsibility of one of your guests, that ensures that everyone can let loose and enjoy the party! You and your nearest and dearest have memories to make, and loved ones to spend time with, not spare time to spend managing the photo booth!! When you hire a professional photo booth company they’ll take care of all of the work for you; meaning, they’ll show up at their scheduled time, do set-up, run the booth, engage with your guests and make sure the whole thing runs flawlessly. The best part is that it will all happen without you lifting a finger, after all…It’s their entire job to make sure you and your guests have a wonderful photo booth experience!

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