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Reasons To Book a Professional DJ

The perception of the DJ has shifted in the modern era. With the boom of music streaming services, access to music is easier than ever. Buying equipment to play said music can be pricey, but is less complicated to set up than it used to be. With these innovations, individuals have started to use music streaming services. They buy cheap equipment to try and make a profit. Basically, everyone thinks they can DJ. To the untrained ear, they would be right. Anyone can curate a playlist and play it from their phone. But that is not what a professional DJ does. It is not just about playing a few songs and calling it a night. There is a finesse to being a professional DJ that an amateur cannot offer.

Better Crowd-work

A professional DJ knows how to please a crowd. They are the face of your wedding (other than you, of course). Public speaking and charisma are a must have for a professional DJ. Most amateur DJs do not take the time to practice their crowd-work. They are the entertainment for the evening. The responsibility of the wedding DJ is to keep the energy high and the guests engaged. Audience retention is not easy to maintain. A professional DJ will not let there be a lull in the energy.

Better Equipment

Most venues will have a sound system in place or some sort of extra equipment package. Sure, anyone could play through this system. But there is always the potential for troubleshooting or audio issues. An amateur will not know how to make a system work in a pinch. In the event the venue does not have a sound system, you definitely need a professional DJ. They will offer you packages they are familiar with. A professional DJ knows the proper system for different spaces. 

Better Sound Quality

In the same vein as better equipment, a professional DJ will know how to mix the audio for your wedding. They will know the volume the music should be at versus the microphones. The amateur DJ has a grasp of on and off. Past that, it is not very in depth. A professional DJ will make sure your audio sounds the best it can.

Better Time Management

Weddings have a lot of moving parts. An amateur DJ will not have the know-how of how long it takes to set up, when to take breaks, or when to stop. A professional DJ runs a tight ship and knows exactly when they should be transitioning. They will always transition more smoothly than an amateur would. Experience and charisma will give a professional DJ a leg up on an amateur.

Better Experience

All in all, you will have a better experience with a more experienced DJ. An amateur may be enticing since they are often less expensive. But you get what you pay for. If you value quality and peace of mind, go with the professional DJ. Your wedding is important so give yourself the DJ you deserve.

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