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Why You NEED to Dance on Your Wedding Day

They’re All Here For You!

Really! They Are! Imagine it… It’s YOUR wedding, and you’re surrounded by all your very dearest family and friends. Every single person present has been carefully selected by you and your sweetheart to share in one of the very biggest days of your lives! As such, all eyes are on you, and you get the honor of setting the tone and pace for your celebration. Consider yourself the ringmaster of your very own wedding circus! You’ve painstakingly selected every detail after all, now it’s time to enjoy it! And, make sure everyone else enjoys it too! 

Want your wedding to be one for the books? A memorable occasion that brings a smile to people’s faces long after the big day? Then it’s up to you to make it happen! No pressure though… it really is easier than you might think!

Not a Dry Eye in the Room!

Maybe you don’t like being the center of attention, maybe you prefer to be a background player, but that’s not really an option at your wedding! Everyone that’s there loves the two of you, is happy to be included, and wants to witness your happiness up close and personal!  

They want to see your first dance! It doesn’t matter whether it’s more traditional, or if you decide to  go all the way and choreograph an elaborate dance routine. They’re there to see YOU not to criticize your dancing! We promise! With our 13 years of experience, we know what we’re talking about! You can decide how far you want to take it, but for the love of all that’s good… get up and dance!

Break it Down on the Dancefloor!

Some of the most memorable moments of your wedding will happen after all the official stuff and traditions are completed. Everyone is ready to get up and let loose and celebrate after all the emotion of the day! 

So, if you both want a hopping party at your wedding, get your butts on the dancefloor! You are the guests of honor, so if you’re dancing, your guests will want to join you! After all, they came to spend the day celebrating the two of you! And, there’s a special kind of magic that happens when you’re dancing with a big group of Grandparents, Parents, Aunts, Cousins, and friends! These truly are the kinds of memories that only appreciate in value over time! 

Picture it! The party lights are shining brightly, the music is pumping, the dance floor is full of all your nearest and dearest who are all dressed to the nines, bodies are swaying, people are grooving, everyone has big smiles on their faces! Pretty special right? 

The Cherry on Top of Your Sundae

Weddings are huge events that change the arc of people’s lives, and expand their families, and we feel that it’s always an honor to be included in one! Going with that analogy, if your whole wedding is the sundae, we consider the dance to be the cherry on top! Not an afterthought, but an important detail that brings a little something special, a little flair and sweet memories… if you will. So, if you want that little something, that cherry on top… you’re going to have to get up and dance!!

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