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What Sets Beat Train Apart From the Competition?!

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With all the event entertainment companies around today, what stands out and sets Beat Train apart from the competition!?! Keep reading to find out!

The Beat Train Origin Story

Founded more well over a decade ago, Beat Train got its start in the wedding DJ world. After seeing one too many weddings absolutely fall flat because of a boring or out-dated DJ, we knew we had to act. After all, a wedding should be one of the happiest days of a couple’s lives together! The newlyweds shouldn’t have to worry about guests standing around awkwardly while the DJ blasts generic music that no one’s into!

Customization is where it’s at when planning a wedding, as no couple is exactly the same, and, as such, no wedding should be exactly the same. At Beat Train we believe that all events deserve a unique and personalized touch. That means that we won’t pay out-dated mixes and  reuse pre-made playlists! We don’t believe in the “wedding DJ in a box” style of party!

And, now, after thousands of 5-star weddings, we’re 100% comfortable with saying that our personalized approach to weddings is the way to go. With Beat Train Productions, you will never get a one-size-fits-all wedding! But, we’re not content to just handle weddings like that. We also don’t think that birthday parties, anniversary parties or corporate events deserve a boring DJ either! We believe every event, no matter what it may be, needs a unique vibe.

What People Remember About Events

Something we’ve also learned along the way, is that what guests remember most is how they felt during an event. Was it exactly like the last wedding they attended? Or just like the club they were at last weekend? If the answer is yes, then it was a forgettable event, but at Beat Train we aim higher than that! At Beat Train, we think that the last word that should be used to describe any event is “forgettable.” We aim for words like fantastic, incredible, marvelous, stupendous, or unforgettable!

Hiring The Best and Fostering Impeccable Company Culture

Not just anyone can join the Beat Train team! At Beat Train, we only hire experienced, talented, engaging and passionate event and wedding DJs.

It’s more than just skill on the mic that makes a Beat Train DJ. We also only hire DJs who fit the Beat Train philosophy of inclusivity and acceptance, because we believe that everyone deserves to have the wedding or event of their dreams. There’s no room on the Beat Train team for anyone who believes differently. We guarantee open minds at all times!

And, we like to keep all our DJs and event professionals in the loop – across multiple cities/markets – with quarterly ‘All Team’ Meetings. We feel that it gives everyone on staff a chance to get to know (and reconnect with) their fellow entertainers, and reminds everyone of the exceptional standards that make the backbone of the Beat Train customer experience!

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