Hyper Mashup Mixtape – Boston Wedding DJ Playlist

Here’s a Hyper Mashup Mixtape from Beat Train Productions’ founder Ari Rosenfield

Here’s some thoughts from Ari…

Already an aficionado of hip-hop’s cut and paste aesthetic, when I first heard about Radio Soulwax in the early 2000s, I became fascinated with this alternate musical universe of “Bastard Pop”.

Over the years, I filled my digital crates with hundreds of mashups from producers across the world. In the early 2010’s I started periodically DJ’ing at Boston’s legendary mashup party, Bootie Boston. Around the same time, I started making mashups in ableton around that time, and my first release, an R Kelly Vs New Order mashup, made the Bootie Mashup Top 10 list.

As a DJ, I wear many hats. For my mashup productions, I’ve mainly gone under my “ Salvador G” alter ego. Over the years, I’ve had a few others too. That said, I should probably just clarify, that you hire me for your wedding or special event, by default I would plan on keeping a low key appearance, keeping a low profile, not making myself the center of attention (since it’s your event and I am just the DJ). That said, added charisma is available upon request 🙂

A couple years later, in 2013, as “Dead Pop Stars Society” (which was unto itself a “collaboration” between two of my DJ alter egos, MF Rex and Salvador G), I released a self-titled hyper mashup mixtape album, that featured hundreds of samples. I spent hundreds of hours on this project, and learned so much in the process. Amongst the many lessons, this is the project that really refined my ear considerably and made harmonic mixing central to my DJ game.

It was released as an album containing 8 “mini” hyper mashup mixtapes. For your listening convenience, those 8 tracks are combined together here.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my hyper mashup mixtape!

And here’s the description of the mix from the press release:

Dead Pop Stars Society’s self-titled debut album is a hyper-sample-based mosaic of immortal pop nuggets, bass heavy electro beats, and funky psychedelic obscurities; Dead Pop Stars Society is an adrenaline-fueled, electro-psychedelic sonic slice of pop surrealism.

Ari is based in Brooklyn, and frequently travels to Boston, Philadelphia, and around the world for DJ gigs. If you’re having a wedding, soiree, corporate event, etc, please feel free to reach out. Ari would love to chat about he can help work with you to manifest your musical vision!

Hyper Mashup Mixtape
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