50s – 60s Sock Hop Mix – Boston Wedding DJ Playlist

Let’s hop into a time machine and flash back to a world of poodle skirts and drive-in movie theaters. This blast from the past mix will have the whole dance floor doing “the twist!” to your favorite collection of classic 50s-60s rock n’ roll. Guided by a modern under beat, generations and artists are mashed into one lively piece for all ages to enjoy. The song is instrumentally taking on the rock band mentality, featuring electric guitar(s), a drum kit, and electric bass in nearly every song. Here and there are enlightening horns, backup vocalists, and smooth strings to add the needed texture for diversity. Sing along to the wide selection of memorable lyrics sampled throughout and let loose for the Sock Hop Mix!


50s – 60s Sock Hop Mix
Twistin' the night away
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