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Top Wedding Regrets After All is Said and Done!

No one wants to look back at their wedding day and feel regret over how everything went down! So, this post is a chance for you to learn from those that have gone before you, and side-step their mistakes! 

Not Hiring Professional Vendors!

We get it, we all have budgets, and priorities for how that budget is spent. But, even if you think you don’t care about [insert the lowest priority here] I would ask you to think about how you would feel if that went wrong. Food can sometimes make people sick. Cakes can fall during the course of, and in the heat of, the day. Makeup can seemingly melt off your face, and hair can come undone and look unkempt. And photos…photos are a big one!

Sometimes people don’t consider hiring a pro photographer because they’re not really photo people or they simply hate being in front of the camera. But, at your wedding, whether you like it or not, may be one of the only opportunities for pictures of (and with) the ones you love. So  consider this…What if you don’t end up with a great picture of your father from your wedding day? Before you dismiss something as being unimportant, make sure you consider the worst possible outcome of it going wrong.

Not Hiring a Planner, or Day-of/Month-of Coordination

Don’t make yourself or your future spouse the sole point person for everything! It might seem okay in the planning and prep stage, but come wedding day, everyone will be looking to you for guidance all at once!  With all the moving parts of planning a wedding, you’re going to need some help! There’s no way you can deal with the logistics of flower delivery, the photographer’s arrival, the videographer’s arrival, the hair and makeup artists’ arrival, getting the right tip envelope to the right people, and on, and on!

So, even if you think you can do everything, it will require herculean effort on the day of your wedding, when you should be drinking a mimosa, and getting ready with your bridesmaids!  So, there is a lesson to be learned here!  Either delegate out responsibilities to your future spouse or wedding party or hire a planner! Many of the problems the couple’s we spoke to struggled with would have been solved with hiring a planner, or month-of coordination package!

Inviting People Out of Obligation

Don’t do it. Make a promise to yourselves and stick with it! Because, once you say yes to one, it seems to have a domino effect! I often hear people say “I don’t want to meet anyone at my wedding” and if that’s you, please stick to it. Just remind yourself that you are paying for these people to celebrate with you. So, don’t invite anyone you wouldn’t pay for a surf and turf dinner for. 

Choosing the Wrong Wedding Party

Please don’t choose people for your wedding party, just because you feel you need to. Don’t pick a bridesmaid just because you were her bridesmaid once upon a time. Don’t pick your best man just because he’s your oldest friend in the bunch. 

But, absolutely do pick your ride or die people! Pick the people who are there for you NOW, because if you can’t count on them to be there for you in times of need before your wedding, they’re likely not going to be there when you do require their support! Also, be clear as punch about what you expect of them and if they are causing you more stress than it’s worth, don’t be afraid to show them the door! 

After all, they will live on in your photos and videos forever! So, you want to make sure you can share those photos without cropping them or grinding your teeth when you see their smug mug! Final word… You know deep down who is there for you when you need them, so trust your gut and stick with it!

In Closing

While there are many more points we could add to this list, we feel that these are the real make or breaks when it comes to planning your big day! So, with this in mind, now’s a good time to set your budget and expectations for your big day! Now’s the time for acting with honesty, integrity and steadfastness, to ensure you have the wedding that YOU want, not what everyone else wants for you!

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