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Top Trends in Corporate Events for 2023 and Beyond

We feel that there are many reasons (most especially, the number of inquiries we receive) to be hopeful about the state of the event industry in 2023 and beyond! Events are back, big time! So, if your company is planning events in the coming year, and years ahead, it is best to stay in the loop and on top of the trends! 

As we look ahead, here are some of the top trends we’re seeing in Corporate Events:

Secure your Choice Venue Early!

In-person events are not just back, they’re absolutely thriving! In some high-demand areas, the return to in-person events is happening more rapidly and at a greater volume than anticipated or can be facilitated! That means that the demand for venues is greater than capacity, meaning greater competition for available event space!  This combined with rising venue costs and the ongoing staffing shortages complicate the search for suitable, quality venues. So, in 2023, early planning will be crucial!

Embrace Digital Elements For In-Person Events

The Post-pandemic event industry has embraced digital. The sudden 2020 pivot to virtual events during the pandemic greatly hastened the digitization of events. So, that means that going forward, in-person corporate events will also be a little different.

In 2023, in-person events will continue to incorporate more digital interactive touch points, supported by technology. This allows event marketers and planners to capture more insights on attendee behavior and are able to create an engaging interface for guests to interact with. 

More digital touchpoints also offer the opportunity to create an always-on, year-round attendee engagement and relationship. 

Events Designed With Sustainability in Mind

From these days forward, sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. In our experience our clients now take sustainability into account when planning meetings and events, and many have implemented a sustainable meeting strategy. So, event organizers will be looking to focus on measuring, minimizing and reporting on the impact of their sustainability efforts. This may include things like setting measurable goals and tracking their events’ carbon footprint through elements like catering, event energy consumption, and the distance traveled by attendees. 

Champion Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Fostering a spirit of equity, diversity and inclusion will mean more clients will make a concerted effort to plan and host events that are more inclusive and accessible to all. This is multi-faceted and comes in many forms such as: selecting venues that are 100% accessible (when taking into account mobility differences) or it could mean gathering relevant information, such as accessibility requirements, from attendees during the registration  process, so that any needs can be accommodated. But, the best practice in this regard is to plan for every eventuality and host more events that are 100% accessible to all.

This could also mean making sure that your event’s speakers are selected from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and walks of life, as well as offering attendees the ability to attend your event (or watch your event presentations) virtually, and ensuring that inclusive language is used throughout all event communications and in all presentations. Outline inclusion expectations with your event presenters ahead of time to alleviate any misunderstandings or miscommunications. 

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