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Tips for Planning your LGBTQ+ Wedding

An LGBTQ+ wedding is like any other wedding. Two people are joining each other in matrimony. They are expressing their love for each other in front of their friends and families. The difference is that the beautiful people getting married usually do not fit the cookie cutter image of “bride and groom.” When planning a LGBTQ+ wedding, here are a few ideas to keep in mind.

Tips for planning your LGBTQ+ Wedding

Unconventional Meets Traditional

Weddings are getting less and less traditional. Many couples choose non-religious venues and get married by a friend or family member. Couples will find other ways to present their union. They often do not involve rings, vows, or any of the religious elements. There is definite history between the LGBTQ+ community and the religious community. Hesitation about using such religious practices at an LGBTQ+ wedding is understandable. Finding alternative venues or unorthodox ceremonies can help the couple feel more comfortable.

But, many LGBTQ+ couples still have a strong tie to their religion. The couple may want the religious elements to be at the forefront of their marriage. It is important for the couple to have an open and honest conversation about these desires. It is important for the couple to be on the same page about what they want to not make either party uncomfortable.

Choose a Seat; Not a Side

Inviting family and friends can be tricky no matter who is getting married. All the drama around who to invite to the wedding can be a real headache. This can be especially hard for those in the LGBTQ+ community. There is an emphasis on the “found family” dynamic. This is due to many LGBTQ+ individuals dealing with challenging family dynamics. While this is not always the case, it is important to invite the people who will be supportive of the marriage. If there is any hesitation, the people who raise red flags do not have to be invited. The most important thing is for the couple to feel safe and supported.

Vendor Consciousness

Given the history of LGBTQ+ couples and vendors, it is clear that it is important to choose wisely. Vendors should be enthusiastically supporting a couple’s desires. They should be not causing unnecessary stress by being unprofessional and homophobic. It is also important for the couple to be clear with all vendors on how they wish to be addressed. The couple could choose to take one last name, hyphenate, or not change anything. It is important that all naming conventions are respected by vendors.

Tips for planning your LGBTQ+ Wedding

Just Be (Who You Wanna Be)

The most important decision an LGBTQ+ couple makes is to decide how the wedding will best represent them. LGBTQ+ is not just a theme for wedding. A wedding is not about the guests or the vendors. It is about the couple. Find the best people to represent an LGBTQ+ couple with pride. Make sure that they have the couple’s best interest at heart. Love is love and it deserves to be celebrated!

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