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Planning Advice for Weekday Weddings

While Fridays and Saturdays have long been the standard for weddings, there’s no rule that says you can’t consider the other five nights of the week for your celebration. That’s especially true now, as the idea of what a wedding should look like shifts and changes with the times.

Weekday weddings really started to gain momentum as destination weddings started increasing in popularity. And, really, it only makes sense if for instance you and your nearest and dearest are already committing to travel for multiple days for your celebration. After all, does it really matter when you choose to exchange vows if everyone will already be in town for a week? 

Then, once you add in the impacts of the pandemic, which has allowed a lot more flexibility with remote work, while also creating a major wedding backlog that still hasn’t been worked though, the off-day approach is more appealing than ever before!

Do a Pre-Check

Before you formally commit to a weekday wedding, be sure to ask the VIPS and the ride-or-dies that you can’t imagine getting married without if the date will work for them. If it turns out there are several major conflicts that can’t be reconciled, it might be time to reconsider a Friday or Saturday celebration. 

Plan Your Ending Accordingly

If you decide not to travel for a destination wedding, but still want to pick an alternative day for your wedding, you might want to plan to wrap the night up earlier. So, if most of your guests have to resume their regularly scheduled lives the next day, you might want to end the party at 10 or 11pm instead of midnight! After all, you want to end your wedding on a high note, so don’t plan to drag it out longer than your guests are going to be able to be invested. A party that ends on a high note at 10pm is a far better experience and memory than one that ends early because your guests have important responsibilities early the next day! What that also means… you don’t need to invest money on hosting an after party!

Be Strategic With Scheduling

If you do decide to travel and host a multi-day destination affair, you might prefer to schedule the actual wedding toward the end of the trip, but you might want to consider hosting a welcome party or group activities earlier on in the week so that everyone will have a chance to mingle. Letting people know of different activities they can opt into throughout the experience will further encourage bonding ahead of the main event. That translates into a more intimate wedding where all your guests come to the celebration feeling like old friends. But, make sure to let people know that these activities (like snorkeling, parasailing, hiking or horseback riding) are optional, and have common areas available for people to gather outside of these group activities.

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