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Making the Most Out of Your Photo Booth Guestbook

So you’ve booked a photo booth for your wedding day! Well we think that’s fantastic! And, you’re planning on using your photo booth prints as part of your wedding guestbook! Well, that’s even better!

So, how do you make the most of it, and not end up with just a few pages of photos, with simple signatures beside them?! Keep reading to find out!

Start Your Photo Booth Early in Your Celebration

If you’re planning on creating a wedding guest book to go along with your photo booth experience, the best thing you can do is start early! We recommend starting the photo booth booking to coincide with cocktail hour, so that you can get guests to leave their messages and words of wisdom before they’ve had too much ‘cheer’! It will also give your older guests and your youngest guests a chance to get in there and get a photo early, as they may not stay late and dance the night away.

Create Guest Book Signage

If you want your guests to engage with the photo guest book process, you want to make it clear what you’re expecting. What better way to do that than with clear signage on your photo guestbook table? It can be as simple as “Photo Guestbook: Please take a photo, then leave your wisdom and advice in our guestbook!” And, be sure to provide more than enough pens, and easy to use photo glue or adhesive. Trust us when we say that elaborate photo corners, tiny glue dot fasteners and other specialized scrapbook notions, will frustrate most of your wedding guests, so we recommend easy dispensing tape style adhesive.

Talk To Your Booth Attendant About It

Make sure you take a moment to express, to your photo booth attendant (and planner or day off coordinator), just how much you’re looking forward to getting your guest book at the end of the night! It will likely have been discussed during the initial consultation, and throughout the booking process, but a little reinforcement never hurts! You can also enlist the help of your family and bridal party with this task. Whenever they are in the photo booth, they can make mention of your photo guest book and encourage your other guests to take a look and contribute to it!

Have Your DJ And Master of Ceremonies Announce It!

One of the most effective things you can do is to have your Master of Ceremonies announce it during dinner and before speeches, along with a little blurb about why it’s important to you. You can further drive the message home by having your DJ announce it before your first dance and again an hour before the end of your photo booth booking time. And, if you really want to drive home the point, you can mention it yourselves during your first speech as newlyweds!

Give Honored Guests Some Time And Space

Sometimes it can feel a bit high pressure to come up with heartfelt messages and words of wisdom to the newlyweds right on the spot! And, your older guests might prefer to sit down and have a moment to think before coining their messages. So, be sure that Grandma, Grandpa and all the Aunts and Uncles get their uninterrupted chance to sign the photo guestbook. The attendant can even offer for them to take it to their table and deliver it back when they’re done. This will also be important to any guests that require mobility aids and physical accommodations, as they might not physically be able to lean over a table and fill out the book. So, it’s best to let them get situated somewhere they’re comfortable while they sign the guestbook.

Final note… If you use some (or all) of these tips during your wedding, we’re sure you will end up with a photo booth guest book that will totally knock your socks off! And, in our experience,  it will only appreciate in value over time, so some extra effort is definitely warranted, to capture the spirit and fun of your wedding day!

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