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How to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding

We know that this day is mostly about you and your new spouse, we feel it’s important to pay respect to one of the people you literally would be here without! Your Mom! Chances are that she’s been thinking about this day for a long time. 

So, whether you’ve designed every detail for your big day with her by your side, or want her to be just as surprised as your guests when she walks into your reception, it’s a big day for her, too. And while moments like walking down the aisle and first dances are often designed with dad in mind (though that is slowly changing) we think that mom deserves a little special recognition of her own, too!

Surprise Her With a Gift

A small token of your love along with a heartfelt card or letter is a great way to acknowledge everything she’s done for you while commemorating your wedding day. You could pick out an accessory to go with her wedding attire, or something you know she’ll wear every day. Alternatively, you could treat her (and yourself) to a mother-daughter spa day or weekend getaway (just the two of you) so the two of you can recover together and process this new chapter in both of your lives, after all the wedding day excitement winds down.

Plan a Mother-Daughter Dance

I know that a father-daughter dance is traditional, but how about shaking up that tradition a bit and including a Mother-Daughter dance! Be sure to pick a song the two of you love… maybe that Guns and Roses classic you grew up dancing around the kitchen to, or maybe something more poignant and heartfelt. Whatever you choose,start off just the two of you, then invite the rest of the mothers and daughters to join in.

Borrow Something From Her Wedding Day

Carrying something of your mom’s with you down the aisle is a sweet way to show that you’ll always be close to her. You could wear her wedding veil, use maybe the same pin to fasten the ribbons on your bouquet, tuck her handkerchief in near your heart for drying your tears during your ceremony, or slip her wedding band onto your right hand for the ceremony. And, be sure to get photos of the event, so you can always remember. 

Use Her Favorite Flowers

Does your mom love lisianthus? Is her garden absolutely full of peonies? Whatever her favorite flower may be, you could include a few blossoms in your bouquet, or, if the theme or budget allows, throughout your wedding décor. If you can, be sure to use them in her corsage, too!

Thank Her in a Speech

It’s customary for brides to give a speech or toast at their reception. So, a good idea is to shout out your mom upfront, thanking her for all she’s done for you throughout your life and for helping bring your dream wedding to fruition. This is absolutely the perfect time to recall touching anecdotes and express gratitude for her guidance and support over the years. You can plan to include this as part of your newlywed speech, which typically takes place at the very beginning or end of the reception.

Even as modern weddings take increasingly non-conventional routes, the odds are that your mom has at least one (or two) traditions she’d love to see you incorporate into your wedding day. If there’s a particular wedding tradition that is customary to your culture, you might want to consider including it in your ceremony, pre-ceremony festivities or during the reception. Whatever your background, integrating your family’s and culture’s cherished traditions is a great way to show you Mom (and lineage) respect on your wedding day.

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