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Hosting an LGTBQ+ Inclusive Event

The LGBTQ+ Community and The Music Industry, A Long History

When we break it down, music and expression in dance, and the LGBTQ+ Community just go together! They go together like peanut butter and jelly, like milk and cereal… you get the idea! Over many decades; lyrics, harmonies and rhythms have been used to express the joy, frustration, elation, hope and anxiety associated with expressing non-normative sexual and gender identities.

Music is one of the most accessible mediums that offers marginalized groups a vehicle for expressive freedom, which is both socially acceptable and approachable and appreciated by all! As such, music helps to foster empathy, understanding, tolerance, acceptance and even celebration. But even more than all of that… It’s where so many of the best songs have come from!

Does it Matter if Your Event is Inclusive?

In our opinion, and with our expertise, our Answer is a resounding yes! To start, it is simply the right thing to do! People are people and love is love!  It’s also a way to extend your values into your event… it’s one thing to say that you’re accepting, it’s another thing to demonstrate it. And, lastly,  hosting an inclusive event objectively improves the experience for everyone in attendance, which we think is always a good plan! Hosting an inclusive event is  also easier to achieve than you may think, and the music you play can make a big impact!

Everyone is Welcome on the Dance Floor

Dance is a universal language and should be available and comfortable for all! Being a great equalizer, music brings together people from all different walks of life and experience. Everyone has their own way of moving and adds their own special flavor to the mix. After all, isn’t it the very differences between us that make life interesting! Wouldn’t life (and parties) be boring if we were all exactly the same?! Dance floors should be a beautiful tapestry of humanity! Everyone should be welcome on the dance floor!

Now… About the Music!

With so many songs to choose from, from so many eras and genres, this is in no way a full list, but rather a good starting point! With that in mind, here is a great list of LGBTQ+ Anthems you can include at your next event!

“Follow Your Arrow”, Kacey Musgraves

“Go West”, Pet Shop Boys

“Brave”, Sara Bareilles

“Dancing Queen”, ABBA

“Firework”, Katy Perry

“I want to Break Free”, Queen

“Born This Way”, Lady Gaga

“Rebel Girl”, Bikini Kill

“Grace Kelly”, Mika

“It’s Raining Men”, The Weather Girls

“All the Lovers”, Kylie Minogue

“Freedom!”, George Michael

Big Results, With Only a Few Tiny Changes!

A great first step is adding music that will engage everyone, but how about going a little bit further to bump up the inclusivity factor at your event? Another very small (in our opinion) , but super impactful change is to switch to using gender neutral terms, instead of gender specific terms when addressing your honored guests. Here are a few that come to mind…Ladies and Gentlemen can easily transform into Distinguished Guests, or Honored Guests. Hey Guys can be changed to Hi Folks, Hi Y’all of Hey Friends! Another quick idea is to leave traditional honorifics like Mr. and Mrs. off place cards, or giving your guest the opportunity to choose their honorifics on their RSVP. Small changes like this can add up to big differences to your guests’ experiences! Those few small changes don’t in any way detract from your event, and will very likely make some guests in your group feel right at home! Seems like a no-brainer to us! 

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