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Harvard Square Wedding

We DJed a Harvard Square wedding for Sophia and Mellisha in Cambridge, Massachussets. did a feature and we wanted to share this great wedding. The couple planned a small wedding for a close group of friends and family and shared their vows at a church in the square followed by a reception Upstairs on the Square (now closed). The theme for this wedding was Alice in Wonderland and we loved the handmade goodies that the couple provided for their guests. said that this wedding had a down to earth feeling and we couldn’t agree more. It was a great time for all and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Photography provided by Darlene Devita Photography, a Boston based photography studio that covers bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, portraits, and studio work. They do a great job of covering every element of the event including before, during, and after shots that are sure to please. Make sure to check them out!

Harvard Square Wedding Darlene-DeVita-Photography-7 Gay Wedding PhotosHarvard Square Wedding PhotosDarlene DeVita Photography





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