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Ceremony Music – How to set the tone of your ceremony with music

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The time has arrived! All the planning of the last months, or years have built up to this moment! It’s time to walk down the aisle! For many people, the wedding day doesn’t really seem to start until they’re walking down the aisle towards their sweetheart! Everything you have been planning as a couple has been building to this very moment, and it’s only natural to want that to go off without a hitch! We believe that music can be a huge element in the overall feel and tone of your wedding ceremony! So, here are a few ideas to make sure you hit the right note (ba dum bum ch!), and find wedding music that reflects who you are as a couple!

How do you want your ceremony to feel?

Music evokes an emotional response, and that effect is amplified at weddings, so spending some time thinking about the tone you want to set on your big day is time well spent!

What is the vibe you’re going for as a couple? Are you looking for classic instrumental music, such as a string quartet or cello? Are you looking for something less traditional such as jazz, indie or folk? Are you looking for sparky and fun, or chill and subtle? Take a moment to think about the most memorable wedding ceremonies you’ve attended. What about the music made them stand out?

It’s a soundtrack, not a concert

Even Though the music is an important element, it is only one element, and it should never take center stage and overshadow your wedding! You want it to be ambient, but also played at a comfortable volume for your guests. You might not want to choose anything too loud, or anything that your guests will have to strain to hear. When it comes to the processional itself, you might want to pick something a little more relaxing, in a natural walking rhythm, so that the bride and bridal party have a calm, relaxed walk up the aisle. 

Don’t make your decisions on the fly!

When it comes to your wedding, follow your heart instead of the trends. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing, and you don’t need to pick the biggest or newest songs on the radio! The biggest requirement for your ceremony music is that the songs you pick are personally meaningful to you as a couple! 

It’s official! You’re married… Now what?

You’ve exchanged vows and rings, signed the paperwork and kissed! Now, how do you want to take your first walk as a married couple? How do you want it to be remembered? Are you looking for something traditional? Are you planning on dancing up the aisle to something kinda cheeky? Do you want the wedding party to get in on the dance? The choice is yours! The only prerequisite is that –  like the rest of the music you picked for the day – you love it, and it reflects who you are as a couple! No matter what you choose, we think you’ll rock it!  

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