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Most Photogenic Locations in Boston


So… you’re getting married in Boston! Have you given some thought to where you might like to take your engagement or wedding photos? What kind of vibe are you looking for in a photo location? Are you looking for an edgy urban feel, a lush park vibe or are you going for somewhere deep rooted in the history of the area? 

No matter what you’re going for, Boston can deliver! Here are some of our favorite locations for photography sessions in the Boston area.

Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is the first location that comes to mind, and can easily be described as one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the entire Boston area. And, when it comes to Beacon Hill, the Instagram worthy Acorn Street is top of the list! This picturesque cobblestone alleyway lined with red brick houses, black shutters and overflowing flower boxes is utterly charming! Just be sure to go early to avoid the tourists! 

Also located in Beacon Hill, is the very photo worthy Chestnut Street, and the Massachusetts State House, both of which are a nod to the area’s historic affluence and distinguished architecture.

Boston Common

Boston Common is Boston’s answer to NYC’s Central Park! Truly a haven within the city, Boston Common will provide a wealth of photography backdrops to choose from! You are spoiled for choice with the parks’ long tree alleys, reflecting ponds, charming tiny bridges, open grassy spaces. Not to mention the Parkman Bandstand, and the adorable swans and swan boats in the Boston Public Garden. All of those features combine to create an interesting contrast to the tall buildings that surround the park and an almost inexhaustible variety of backdrops and styles of photography to choose from.

Boston Public Library Courtyard

The Boston Public Library Courtyard would make an amazing backdrop for your engagement or wedding photos, and in fact you can host your wedding there too! But, back to the courtyard! The perimeter of the courtyard itself is lined with impressive columns and archways, and a beautiful fountain statue sits proudly in the middle. There are so many angles to use to capture great shots so your photographer will want to take their time to get creative. Just be sure to check out the location’s photography policy on their website to avoid any conflicts.

Marshall Street

Marshall street will take you back in time with its charming cobblestone streets and quaint brick storefronts. But, new Boston also makes its presence known, with the surrounding skyscrapers in the background. Put the two together and it creates an interesting juxtaposition in your photos. Also, The Union Oyster House has a bright red neon sign that makes for the perfect addition to your photos, blending vintage charm, modern architecture, and retro vibes all into one, and giving you lots of bang for your buck!

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

With its gorgeous architecture, rich history and lush gardens, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is easily one of the most beautiful and photogenic places in all of Boston! The architecture of the building was inspired by 15th-century Venetian palaces, featuring grand open balconies on each floor and archways overlooking the absolutely stunning courtyard below. The museum itself is host to more than 7,500 paintings, sculptures, pieces of furniture, and other objects. Just be sure to get in touch with the museum and request permission to take photos, to avoid conflict with other groups utilizing the space, as the museum has an abundance of event spaces available for celebrations, that could be in use at any given time. Or, solve that problem by hosting your wedding there too!

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