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Beat Train Wedding Trend Forecast, 2023 Edition

newlywed couple on the beat train dance floorIt’s official! We’re in the midst of a huge wedding boom! And, in fact, it’s the biggest boom the wedding industry has seen since 1984! So, if you’re happily planning your wedding right now, you’re in great company, as the US saw approximately 2.5 million weddings in 2022, and we are expecting similar numbers in 2023, and likely beyond.

What’s this mean for you and your wedding? Well, for starters, it is now time to secure your venue and all your top priority vendors, since many will be busy filling their schedule for the summer/fall wedding season. It might also mean that your favorite venue/vendors are already booked for your preferred date(s), so it might be time to look at hosting a shoulder or off  season wedding. Meaning, spring, late fall or winter might be a better and occasionally more cost effective option for your big day. It also means that you’ve got a host of current ‘real-life’ weddings to draw inspiration from thanks to the abundance of weddings that have taken place in the recent months. 

So, whether you’re already in the throes of wedding planning or are simply contemplating future plans, you might want to include some of the awesome new wedding trends in our little list! 

Unofficial Wedding Officiants

Many couples are now passing on the priest or more formal officiant options and opting for a friend or family member to marry them instead. Doing so is a good way to end up with a wedding ceremony that feels extremely authentic to who you are, making sure that the ceremony feels both personal and intimate.

Retro Style Photography

Retro-style photography is a definite 2023 wedding trend! We’re starting to see many wedding galleries full of direct flash, blur-motion, and a big return in straight up film photography. Also making a big return are small digital cameras or disposable film cameras on all the tables, so that your guests can contribute to capturing your big day! 

Wedding Brunches or Luncheons

We’re seeing a big resurgence of couples planning more informal wedding brunches or luncheon receptions. Think 10am wedding ceremony followed by champagne brunch with fancy bagel or donut stations, or 11:30 ceremonies followed by a light luncheon with tea, sandwiches, salads, fruit and cake & cookie tables. But, if your heart is still set on dancing the night away, you can also host a separate late night (after 8 or 9) cocktail dance party, to keep the celebration going all day!

Upcycled, Recycled & Rented

We’re seeing many couples embrace thrifted, borrowed or upcycled items to bring their personalized wedding ideas into reality. With the cost of living rising, many couples are more conscious of their budgets and prefer to thrift and buy used when they can. More couples are prioritizing spending more money on entertainment and guest experience and less money on decor. And, some couples would prefer to save money for things like offering an open bar, or simply saving some money for an epic honeymoon experience! We’re also finding more couples are focused on sustainability and decreasing the waste aspect of having a huge event, and are more likely to embrace consignment and thrift stores either online or in-person. Just remember to have patience and think outside-of-the-box.

Bright & Bold Decor Palettes

While white on white, minimal weddings have been super popular in the past, in the current wedding climate there’s no need to shy away from color! Go ahead and think bright, bold and energetic! Embrace it fully and feel free to include vibrant hues, contrasting metallic accents, eye-popping patterns (gasp…maybe even pattern on pattern), super saturated and dramatic decor lighting, and maybe even requesting that your guests dress in a certain color palette, or simply avoid wearing all black.

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