Nick Lamantia, NYC Wedding DJ

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About Nick:

Artistic Influences:   Timbaland, Pharrell, The Beatles, Billie Eillish, James Brown.

Hometown:   Bronx, NY

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our Tried and True Crowd-Reader Extraordinare Nick LaMantia (aka Flo-Pilot), known around town just as much for his infectious positive energy as his discerning taste in music. Nick began his musical journey as drummer in his teen years. His rich and colorful hometown of the Bronx, NY exposed him to a wide variety of musical genres from rock to hip hop to soul and in between. Nick’s ear for music led him to  pursue a degree at Hunter College in New York where he studied Jazz and Classical music.

After completing school, Nick began curating music and booking DJs in Brooklyn, which ultimately led him to his hand on the decks himself. After his first gig, Nick was hooked on the amazing energy exchange a DJ can have with a crowd. Being a DJ quickly became Nick’s favorite way to perform music as he realized how transformative having a positive experience through music can be.

When he is not busy honing his skills on the decks, Nick produces original electronic music, often collaborating with local Pop and Hip-Hop artists around Brooklyn. And like any proper Brooklyn tastemaker, he prides himself on being able to make a perfect coldbrew 🙂

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