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Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

“I feel privileged to have known Esther for about five years – mostly in a professional capacity but also our friendship and kinship and enthusiasm for great music.
I offer my most enthusiastic endorsement for Esther and her professionalism and career. She has a natural ear for what people are feeling and moves them – an intuitive sense of cadence… where people want to go and the music that takes them there. This is very rare in the music world. Most know it when they hear it. This doesn’t mean they can assemble or play it.
Esther cares how music makes you feel because that’s what people remember. The pace, the transits, the fades… keyboards, drum solo, or a sound board – great musicians master the delivery to share stories that lower, lift, and move people.
I also commend Esther’s extreme professionalism, work ethic, sensitivity, and emotional intelligence. I enjoy being part of her process and ability to encourage and manage collaborations with different personalities and musicians. For musicians, that’s where great music and experience come from.”

Sterling Campbell
Career musician for acts including The B-52s, Duran Duran and David Bowie
Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

We were throwing our annual fundraiser in New York City with a very stylish and high profile and fussy crowd – and Esther came highly recommended.
She imbued the scene with her own stylish vibe and they loved it. She kept the crowd moving and upbeat, and herself a charming personality and welcoming to our guests – a big part of how people feel and connect. The crowd loved it and her music selection was second to none.
We’re a difficult event because we feature dignitaries and celebrities, and a very diverse group which can interrupt the flow and vibe, but Esther worked with and managed that. We received so many compliments about Esther, including several DJ’s who worked our past events.
It’s a hard feat to please everyone but Esther pulled it off effortlessly. She had everyone feeling comfortable and connected. She knows when to shift the focus and made the evening very vivid with our famous singer at the event so everyone had a fun time.
She also troubleshooted and fixed the sound system and has a knowledge of hardware set up, that was a big unexpected plus 🙂

Aura Copeland
Founder, Les Couleurs Charity
Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

Esther Luz (SIXIXX) is an extraordinary talent and she has been working with many respected individuals in the American music industry.

Samantha Cox
Vice President of BMI
Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

I’ve been working with talent, production and creatives my entire career, about fifty years, and it’s one of the most rewarding if difficult processes and challenges to manage.
I met Esther through close friends, and she’s foremost a capable and talented professional. Reliability is paramount to production, but the “extra” is the delivery.
Esther donated her time to DJ and helped MC our fundraiser for Peace, Love and HOPE. Her sincerity for our message was palpable and felt by all – pretty magical but you had to be there. Her contribution also quickly expanded to securing the venue and some sponsorship, and negotiating with vendors.
I’ve conducted interviews and productions with more than 5,000 foremost executives and other talents in the world – Richard Branson, etc – all sharing stories and points of view that need to be heard. I know a voice when I hear one, and that’s my assessment of Esther – wonderful person and an amazing talent. I offer my highest regard and recommendation.

Paul Sladkus
Major Television & Production Executive incl. CBS (Ret.), Good News Broadcast
Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

Esther Luz is a talent visible at first sight. We started a long-running series of DJ and music events called “TANTRA SIXIXX” every Wednesday night at Macao Trading Company. Everyone loved it and we gained a lot of great reviews for the venue.
She was also soon sponsored by Don Julio 1942, a fast-growing tequila brand owned by industry giant Diageo.
Words of Esther’s style spread quickly and many local venues sought her out and hired her as DJ through our events. She has this magic touch to bring the groove to the room and encourages everyone to dance and have a good time. Her intuition to read the crowd is what brings people back to us at Macao every Wednesday and it was the topic of the time.

Gi Yong Rhee
Manager, Macao Trading Company
Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

I enjoy Esther Luz (SIXIXX) as a DJ at Macao Trading Company very much and she brought so much joy to everyone. I invited her to DJ at many sponsored Sunday events here because I know she will bring everybody a good time with her music.
She is very flexible with what she plays and adds a touch of coolness when she does it. She kept our crowd dancing, laughing, and shaking their butts all night and it’s been many unforgettable evenings.

Damiano Coren
Bar Manager, Macao Trading Company
Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

I met Esther Luz (SIXIXX) through Aura’s charity event. I have met many DJs and she is truly a talented individual and very knowledgeable when it comes to music and sound engineering. She handled any tech issues gracefully and could pin-point what to improve regarding sound quality in different environments and with different people. She has her own set of equipment to boost the bass and make the sound more groovy to move the crowd. She’s very experienced not just as a DJ but also as a seasoned musician and sound engineer who could make the most of the music she plays and promise a good time for everyone.

Adrian Dobrin
Owner of Marble Downtown
Beat Train Productions DJ: Esther Luz 5

I am taking DJ classes with Esther and I absolutely love it. She is a very nice and positive person, very easy to work with. I already learned so much with her, she explains things in a very simple understandable way, so you are going to learn and improve pretty fast. So if you are into DJing I would definitely recommend her as a teacher because I personally enjoy it a lot!

Anna Kushkhova
DJ student at Open Format
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