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Xandra Xannelli, Boston Wedding DJ

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Xandra Xannelli, Boston Wedding DJ
About Xandra:

Artistic Influences:   Kim Petras, Christine & the Queens, CLAVVS, the Weeknd, Doja Cat, Erasure, Thompson Twins, Depeche Mode, Janet Jackson, Goth/Industrial, Retro, Pop

  • Lowkey Flex: I’m the longest running DJ for Boston’s Boston’s Arisia Sci-fi/Fantasy Convention 👽
  • My Specialty: LGBTQ+ Weddings 🏳️‍🌈, Nerdy Events 🤓, Anything Subcultural 👩‍🎤
  • Fun Fact: If you wanna nerd out about X-men comic books, I’m your girl! 🦸‍♀️


While she may not look it, Xandra has over 3 decades worth of experience as a DJ, her career spanning radio, clubs, online streaming, and a variety of events. Since 2006 she has worked throughout New England’s dark alternative and queer dance club scene under the moniker DJ Xero. Her diverse pan-edm style has evolved to adhere to no specific genre 100% of the time, making her adaptable to the variable desires of the decadent darlings on her dance floors.

Her passion is dance. She has a background in performance, partner, and party dancing that dates back before her time as a DJ, and that love of dance inspires her to provide an atmosphere and environment to not only encourage people to dance, but make it an exciting and fulfilling experience!

She also prides herself in preparation and works with clients to fully understand the unique musical needs and plans of each event.

As part of her work, she does fundraising for a wide array of charitable transgender and LGBTQ+ causes.

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