Dan Belhumeur, Boston Wedding DJ

Not your ordinary Top 40 DJ, DJ Dan (AKA DJ DONUTS) skates the line between pop and underground to create fresh sounding sets just about everyone can enjoy. Beats, Rock, Dancehall, EDM, Hip-Hop, Indie, Latin/Afro, DISCO, House, Soul/R&B, anything funky – what the room needs, DONUTS supplies it. He bought his first pair of turntables in 2008 by delivering pizzas in Burlington, VT and listening to Donna Summer on repeat. Now in Boston since 2012, you can find him spinning all vinyl sets in bars/clubs around town or weddings/private events throughout New England!

The DJ name “DONUTS” was inspired by love for the band Phish. And it’s a tribute to a musical hero, J Dilla, who produced and released a record called Donuts during his final days. Dilla produced the album using samples from 45s, and it’s said that donuts are his analogy for vinyl and cyclical life. With Dilla in mind, DONUTS plays with respect for the past, love for the present, and excitement for the future.


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