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Beat Train Productions DJ: Richard Stanmeyer 5

I had the pleasure of working with Richard on a DJ gig for Boston Magazine on Nov 1, 2022. I was DJing and he was playing trumpet along with a couple other musicians. It was a DJ/live musician set. He was very easy to work with, very intuitive and fun musically. His solos were exciting and melodious. I have also connected with Richard on the DJ side of things. We’ve jammed and exchanged DJing ideas. I’ve listened to some of his DJ mixes that he’s sent me and they were of very high quality and musicality. Being musicians first and DJs second Richard and I definitely share a common musical approach to DJing. Coming to DJing from being a jazz musician is a huge advantage because you approach DJing very musically and you already have a keen ear for a lot of things. I see Richard doing great things both in the worlds of DJing and live music and possibly a combination of the two.

Alex Gordeev
Beat Train Productions DJ: Richard Stanmeyer 5

He has a strong work ethic, is very organized and is always prepared with any material that needs to be learned. He is also a very personable individual who is always respectful. I highly recommend Richard for I know that he will take it serious and always put his best foot forward to do a great job.

Sal DiFusco
Beat Train Productions DJ: Richard Stanmeyer 5

Richard is a talented, hardworking and passionate DJ and trumpet player. He will never fail to impress you with his artistry, and will always get the job done the right way. He knows how to perform at the highest level. He is punctual, personable and easy to work with. You will never have to worry when you call Richard up!

Soren Smedvig
Beat Train Productions DJ: Richard Stanmeyer 5

I can attest that Richard is one of the most professional, creative, and productive music professionals I have had the privilege of working with. While working with Richard, preparedness, punctuality, and inspiring artistic expression have always been a given. In every setting I have interacted with him in he is not only easy to work with but the experience is improved by Richard’s commitment to his craft and commitment to being a genuine, nice, responsible person.

Liam Laird
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