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Gay Wedding Music Tips

Here are some Gay Wedding Music Tips from Beat Train Productions founder Ari Rosenfield geared towards same sex couples who are planning on hiring a DJ.

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1. Do Your Research

Find a DJ who has experience with gay weddings and a proven track record. You can find loads of testimonials and reviews of our DJs, here.

Gay Wedding

Photo by: Tracy Rodriguez

2. Feel The Vibe

Seek out a DJ who views you as unique individuals. He or she will plan on meeting with you to discuss your personality, music preferences, style, and general musical spirit of the wedding. It’s important to find a DJ who is capable of understanding the difference between offensive (i.e. misogynistic) lyrics and those that would be more appropriate for your gay wedding reception.

Gay Wedding Photos

Photo By: Darlene DeVita

3. Know The Culture

Look for a DJ who has a music programming abilities. They will likely understand that just as no two weddings are alike, no two gay weddings are alike either. For instance, at some gay weddings, Robyn, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and New Order may align with the client’s taste; but for others it won’t. A good gay wedding DJ knows that “It’s Raining Men” may be perfect for some same-sex weddings, but may be far from what other gay couples might be going for. So whether you’re gay or straight, book a dynamic DJ who possesses empathy and the ability to adapt.


A Note from BTP founder, Ari Rosenfield:

“As a native son of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am proud to be from a state that has been on the cutting edge of progressing LGBT equality and helping set the state for the eventual landmark Supreme Court Ruling. We love gay weddings at Beat Train Productions. I’ve personally done about a dozen, and the company has done many more. Feel free to drop us a line if you’re getting married in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or anywhere in between.”

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