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White Cliffs Estate in Northborough MA Wedding DJ Photos

White Cliffs Estate in Northborough MA Wedding DJ Photos

Check out these amazing pictures from Jessica and Dan’s wedding courtesy of Heather Fuller Photography.  This amazing affair took place at  the White Cliffs Estate in Northboro, MA which, interestingly, was built in 1880’s by Smith and Wesson firearms magnate Daniel Wesson and features 32 rooms and 17 fireplaces and now serves the Wesson Estate serves as one of the most in-demand meeting and event facilities.  DJs Sam Bogart and Ben Woods from Beat Train Productions held down the music duties and rocked out with non-Top 40/Pop set that kept the guests on the dance floor all night.  Sporting a Beverlywood wedding dress, this bride  was hands-on having designed the boutonnieres, created the bridal bouquets and centerpieces with silk flowers, knitted shawls for herself and all her bridesmaids, and more.  She’s crafty like that Beastie Boys song.  All kidding aside, head on over to the Heather Fuller Photography blog and peep these and other photos from Jessica and Dan’s special day.

Beat Train Productions was founded in 2006 by Ari Rosenfield, when Ari shifted his focus from DJ’ing at clubs to doing private events.  Ari quickly developed a reputation as a talented DJ, who possesses a strong work ethic, great people skills, style, dedication, a passion for music, and a zen-like ability as a DJ to keep the dance floor packed. As Beat Train Productions’ reputation has grown, Ari has had an excellent opportunity to add several more outstanding DJ’s to the Beat Train crew, who all share in Ari’s vision of being part of a boutique DJ firm that consistently provides experienced, professional, dynamic DJ’s of exceptional quality, while never losing focus of meeting the needs of their clients.


A large part of the success of your event relies on the performance of your DJ. At Beat Train Productions, it’s our goal to work hard to ensure that your event is successful. We strongly believe that you deserve to have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve found a DJ that you can have complete confidence in.

It’s our aim to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations. We appreciate that you’re a unique person, putting together a unique event, and we want to work with you to achieve your vision. We are confident that the combination of our experience, skill, responsiveness, professionalism, reliability, focus, and dedication make us a solid candidate to be the right DJ to make your event succeed.

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