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90s Hip Hop RnB Mix From DJ Jeff Durand

90s Hip Hop RnB Mix From DJ Jeff Durand


Get nostalgic in a tough way with DJ Jeff Durand‘s sizzling 90’s hip-hop, r’n’b and soul mix.

Can you imagine these sweet tunes at your next wedding or party? Listen as Jeff blends all the hits into one of his signature mixes. You will hear some of your favorite 90’s hip-hop and r’n’b jams mixed in with some sweet soul grooves.

Click here to check it out on Jeff’s Mix Page (It’s the first mix at the top of the list)

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Jeff Durand, like the other DJs on Beat Train’s roster, possesses an elusive combination of serious DJ talent and strong character.

Jeff, in his decade long journey as a DJ, has smoothly crossed over between being a savvy club DJ and a mature and professional mobile DJ. As a club DJ, Jeff has spun at many of the Northeast’s premiere clubs including Pacha (NYC), Shrine (Foxwoods), Gypsy Bar (Boston), and Colosseum (Providence). In these highly competitive venues, Jeff took his precise mixing skills and deep music knowledge to the next level.

Over the last several years, as a mobile DJ (thus far DJ’ing at approximately 50 weddings), Jeff has incorporated the sharp DJ skills acquired as a club DJ, and combined that with his character building real world experience. This includes learning customer service and technical skills working for Numark (a major DJ equipment manufacturer); public speaking and organizational skills acquired while earning his Bachelors degree in Communications from The University of Connecticut; and interpersonal skills gained in the process of building a family with his wife.

Jeff (who is currently based in Providence, RI) is excited for the opportunity to exceed your expectations for your wedding/special event, and prove himself as an unobtrusive master of his craft.

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