Ari Rosenfield, Boston Wedding DJ

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About Ari:

Artistic Influences:  James Brown, The Beatles, The Ramones, Nina Simone, DJ Shadow, Curtis Mayfield, dusty soul & funk 45's, Charlie Parker, Pretty Lights

Hometown:   Boston

With great pleasure, Ari lives up to his reputation as a premiere private event DJ. Ari specializes in collaborating with savvy music aficionados, to create jubilant celebrations. Ari is an “out of the box” DJ who conjures passion, intuition, experience, style, and love into manifesting his clients’ eclectic musical visions, from classic to quirky, from majestic to multidimensional.

As the founder of Beat Train, Ari thrives on balancing the creative with the pragmatic to build synergistic, worry-free relationships with his clients. Please don’t hesitate to reach out-Ari would love to chat about the possibility of collaborating with you!

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