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Beat Train Productions DJ: Shane Page 5

From 2010 to 2012 I operated a touring event “The Underground Rebel Bingo Club” in cities across the United States.

I had the pleasure of being able to engage Shane Page in multiple roles, all of which he threw himself into whole heartedly and with enthusiasm. As well as a high level of competency.

He was able to adapt from being the main host of the show, performing and hyping crowds of up to 1500 people, to the general assistant, running last minute errands to enhance the production. He offered up great ideas and resources and connections to improve the show, and was able to implement and produce complex production behind the show, which involved AV, lights, sound and large props and sets at big venues in DC, Philadelphia, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Shane is an upstanding, kind, hardworking man, who can be entirely trusted and relied up on even under great pressure.

James Gordon Founder, Underground Rebel Bingo Club
Beat Train Productions DJ: Shane Page 5

I had the opportunity to share a stage with Shane on numerous occasions when he was a Singer/emcee for the band Belikos. His enthusiasm and ability to inspire a crowd were second to none. In my 6 years of touring as a professional musician, I have witnessed few others with the ability to transform a crowd of concert-goers into a party so readily as he consistently does.

As a producer, I also had the distinct pleasure of recording some of Shane’s music and working with him on a more personal level. In this more intimate atmosphere, I got to know the person behind the performer. This is where his professionalism and competence truly shined. I always looked forward to our recording sessions as he consistently came, not only well-prepared, but also with excitement and dedication.

Importantly, aside from his capabilities as a musician and a performer, I have always known Shane to operate with sincere integrity. In all of my dealings with him, he has been nothing but honest, forthright, and well-intentioned. These attributes, I am sure, will help him find meaningful success in whatever avenues he pursues, musically or otherwise.

Ross Federman (DJ / Producer / Drummer)
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