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FAQ’s about Ari

Here are some FAQ’s about Ari Rosenfield, Beat Train’s founder, questions he periodically gets from prospective clients interested in booking him to DJ for weddings and corporate events, and his answers.

FAQ's about Ari

(Please feel free to check out our FAQ page to general questions about Beat Train)


1) What will you wear when you DJ?

For weddings or other private functions, by default, I wear a suit, tie, dress shirt, and dress shoes; and aspire to look sharp in a nuanced and inconspicuous way, but at the same point not to draw attention to myself.

I am available to show up in one of my “superfly” get-ups upon request 🙂


2) Out of the price quotes I received, your rates are above average.  Could you elaborate?

Excellent question.  It is one that is slightly challenging to answer without abandoning modesty, but I will do my best.

Back in 2011, when my prices were around the industry average, I DJ’d 70 weddings in one year.  It was an amazing experience in many ways.  Although I decided to take less weddings in future years.  I wanted to have extra time to focus on delivering exceptional results (and five star service) to my clients; to take my DJ game to the next level; and to pursue music production, a music startup app, and various other endeavors.

By virtue of the laws of supply and demand, I increased my rates so that I would have a more manageable amount of wedding bookings.

That said, I’d like to think that I work very hard to perpetually strive to build my DJ game, music knowledge, turntablism skills, etc; and and that my ability as a DJ has grown at a much higher rate than my rates have (granted, it’s a statistic that’s tricky to quantify, I realize).


3) What kind of music do you like DJ’ing?

Funk, Soul, 60’s to 70’s Rock n roll, and classic Hip Hop are very close to my heart.  I find music to be endlessly fascinating and I try not to not narrowly define myself as a DJ.  One week I may be digging deep for soulful jazz records from the 50’s or revisiting the 60’s British Invasion; another week, I may be immersing myself in 80s motion picture soundtracks, French house music of the 1990s-2000’s, or updating my crates with the latest Top 40 hits, mashups, and remixes.  And it goes on and on.

That said, as a DJ, it’s not necessarily about what I like.  I’m there to connect with the crowd (and working with my clients to figure out what kind of music they’d like) and to create an experience for everyone.  The ability to be objective (which is closely related to “reading the crowd”) is an integral DJ skill, one I take very seriously.

Please feel free to check out my mixes to get an idea of some of the stuff I’m into.


4) Do you spin Top 40 music?

If you like, absolutely!  If not, no worries either.  Up to you!

I consider adaptability to be a crucial trait for DJ’s.  I work with a broad spectrum of events.  One night I may be spinning classic party jams spanning motown to 80s to Top 40.  Another night I might be spinning an eclectic set of 50’s doo wop and 70s glam rock, mixed with 80s hip hop.  It always depends on the sentiments of my clients (and their guests, presuming you’d like me to feel out the crowd).


5) Will you emcee our event (and if so what is your style as an emcee)?

Most certainly.  When I emcee, I speak naturally, clearly, and with a casual and friendly tone.  

I am a very detail oriented person and put great focus in effective communication and organization to lead to everything going smoothly with announcements.


6) Do you do improv as an emcee?

My de-facto game plan is to stick to the script and to otherwise keep announcements to a bare minimum (not to make myself the center of attention).  

If you’d like me to be more boisterous, I am open to the idea 🙂


7) Don’t you need to emcee to make people dance?

I’ve found that it usually helps to make a basic announcement to the extent of “I’d like to invite you all to the dancefloor” (if the guests have been eating).  

I take pride in being able to win over the crowd as a DJ without needing to use over-the-top emcee’ing as a crutch.

That said, just let me know if you want me to do my Lil’ Jon, Flava Flav, or wrestling announcer impersonation 😉


8) Where do you live?

I live in Brooklyn, New York.  I frequently travel back to Boston, and I’m available to travel anywhere!  



9) Any other questions you can think of?

Well I would definitely suggest checking out my testimonials, bio, and mixes if you haven’t had a chance yet.  If you’re considering booking me, definitely feel free to reach out, and I’d be happy to chat with you about what you’re looking for, and how I can create an inspired and dynamic DJ set for you.

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